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Influencers in Mexico, bloggers and also mothers. Maternity 2.0

Influencers in Mexico, bloggers and also mothers. Maternity 2.0

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Social networks and new technologies make us have access to a lot of information related to education and motherhood. Profiles on Twitter, Instagram accounts, websites, blogs and more blogs ... They deal with topics with interests for our own purposes. However, sometimes it is difficult to find spaces that are of quality in which issues are addressed in a professional and at the same time personalized way. In we have prepared a list with the Top blogger mothers and influencers in Mexico that you should know and follow on social networks. Keep reading and you will understand why.

Are you looking for a rich recipe for a varied breakfast? Do you want to know the best tricks to teach your children to be orderly? Or maybe you just need to read a few words about motherhood to relate to? If you too want to have useful tips and ideas about motherhood and all that that means in your hand, just follow these expert Mexican mothers. Shall we start?

1. Cecilia Torres
Cecilia Torres gives life to the blog Charlas de Mamás accompanied by Claudia and Sonia. In this blog each one of them writes their personal experiences to serve as inspiration to all those present and future moms who want to enter their world. 'For a conscious motherhood', that is their motto. What is it talking about? Well, everything we moms talk about is not a little: breastfeeding, nutrition, postpartum, psychology ... It also includes a section of experts that is not wasted.

2. Maria Moctezuma
Talking about Masha B. Blog is talking about María Moctezuma. She defines herself as a multitasking woman, mother of three and a crazy lover of books and letters. She loves spending more time with her family the better, intellectual challenges and having a nice hot cup of coffee while chatting about motherhood and all that it entails. Their main interests, family, home and looking for a positive way to impact the most women. If reading this you have felt identified, without a doubt this is your site.

3. Ana Paola Villegas
Behind Mamita Gallina hides Ana Paola Villegas, a mother based in Mexico who started her blog after realizing that on social networks and the Internet there were a lot of moms eager to receive practical advice on motherhood. Did you know that Ana Paola receives many messages of gratitude every day? For something it will be, don't you think? A special space for all those who seek to share the wonderful experience of being a mother. By the way, the tips about teenagers are very interesting.

4. Heike Sons
Heike Sons, a Mexican mom, created the Momzilla blog and did it when she had her first daughter and needed advice from other moms to raise her well. In no time, she was the one who began to give valuable advice to other new mothers who, like her, were looking for answers for a respectful and attached parenting. Her friends and her husband also participate in this blog, surely when you read it you will realize why it has become a viral community.

5. Yuria Prospero
In Loving my house there are tips and more tips about maintenance, organization and home decoration, as well as lots of easy DIY ideas to have your house just the way you want it. Very proven, we have already become fans of this site where we can find tips to make life at home surrounded by the little ones easier and more beautiful. You sign up?

6. Hilda Arjona and Claudio Lizaldi
Hilda Arjona, by the hand of Claudia Lizaldi who is also hiding behind this blog, is another Mexican mom who has become an influencer thanks to her commitment and her infinite desire to share with others what motherhood is like and what we can do learn from it. If you also need a space in which to talk and read about everything related to children as if it were a chat with friends, you will find it at Mamá Natural. Hilda comments that she has the need to share experiences with her daughter. We can learn a lot from her!

What is your favorite place to share your motherhood?

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