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5 reasons why children should not be forced to eat

5 reasons why children should not be forced to eat

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The nutritional needs of each individual, regardless of age, are different, and therefore their intake should be as well. These intakes cannot be established by age or gender, since, although baseline needs could be considered relatively similar - as long as weight and height were - children are not all equally active, so they should not eat what same.

Each child is different, he is unique in his way of eating, in his appetite, in his nutritional needs. According to the study 'Just three more bites'(Only three more bites), made at the University of California, 85 percent of parents or caregivers force their children to eat everything is on their plate, even if they do not want more. Therefore, do not compare what your child eats with what his friends eat. Only he will know how much food he needs.

On this basis, it is very difficult to determine how much our little one should eat, but what is much more evident is that never, under any circumstances, should children be forced to eat.

1- Force a child to finish the food that is put on his plate, is to force you to eat more than you need. It may be the case that it is a meal that the child eats with pleasure, and he willingly agrees, even without wanting to, to finish the plate, giving us the feeling that if he wanted to eat and if he was hungry, when in fact he is not. It is convenient to listen to them and respect their decisions.

2- Through this action we are achieving make mealtime a little daily tortureThus, the child will arrive with less desire and we with less patience, affecting the parent-child relationship.

3- Make the act of eating an unpleasant moment affects social connotations of the act itself, which may affect the child's way of relating and socializing.

4- Taking into account that eating habits are established during childhood, forcing a child to finish the food on the plate is establishing inappropriate habits. We are making the child ignoring your instincts and prompting you to establish a very unhealthy routine, finishing the plate, which may be the first step towards obesity.

In fact, the most recent studies establish that overweight begins to develop in childhood, and more and more children suffer from it, this being, along with sedentary lifestyle, one of the main reasons, although not the only one.

5- Forcing the child to eat we are letting them understand that it is normal for someone else to make decisions about their body, teaching them that they are not the ones in control and that it is acceptable for an adult to make decisions for them.

We are limiting their autonomy, which slows them down when it comes to making decisions, in this case about their diet, covering up and repressing the satiety signals of their own body, again favoring overweight and paving the way to obesity.

The best we can do is observe our children, offer them appropriate portions based on what we observe, and respect that their needs may vary from day to day. If the food supply is healthy, with foods of high nutritional density, our children will know how much to eat to meet their needs.

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