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When ball parks endanger the health of children

When ball parks endanger the health of children

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As has been a tradition in my oldest daughter's class, every birthday we are called to is celebrated in a ball park. Until today, for me it was a more or less acceptable option to bring together so many 'fairs' eager to release all their adrenaline, but my vision has changed substantially after reading a study that states that children's ball parks are a danger to their health.

Parents with children of nursery age complain that our children spend every other day at home. And it is that in nursery schools children share everything (pacifiers, glasses, toys) and therefore catch infections, despite the fact that hygiene measures are extreme in the centers.

Something worse (much worse), happens in the ball parks: a nest of bacteria, according to a study from the University of North Georgia. And perhaps that is the reason why the first times that my oldest daughter returned from an afternoon at a ball park, we spent the night awake with fever and vomiting and, the next day, in our pediatrician's office!

In this investigation and, after analyzing between 9 and 15 balls from different ball parks, it was found that these were contaminated with visible dirt, vomit, urine or feces, which generated (and generates) an environment and an atmosphere of contamination. According to the study, clinics can take days or even weeks to thoroughly clean it, allowing microorganisms to accumulate and grow to levels capable of causing infections in children and making them sick.

The researchers identified up to 31 bacterial species and one species of yeast !!! Some of these bacteria include:

- Enterococcus faecalis, which can cause endocarditis, septicemia, urinary tract infection and meningitis.

- Staphylococcus hominis, a cause of bloodstream infections and is reported as a cause of sepsis in a neonatal intensive care unit.

- Streptococcus oralis, known to cause endocarditis, adult respiratory distress syndrome, and streptococcal shock.

What to do to avoid it? Reinforce the cleaning of these ball pools for the health of the little ones, but also for the health of the center's own workers and monitors.

If it is true that ball parks are a very useful leisure alternative for parents. In winter, because it is a closed, warm place where children can vent, and in summer, because it has air conditioning and it becomes a perfect antidote to combat high temperatures.

We all know this, but please don't get pigeonholed into ball parks as the only playful proposal for our children and, as parents, let's look for more opportunities. Are you missing ideas? Here are a few!

1. Routes through nature
Going out to the field makes both children and adults release stress, that's why from We encourage you to put aside technology and sendentarismo and start taking routes with the children. Don't forget to be well equipped and pack some food and water!

2. Home escape room
And for the days when the weather is not good, let's transform the corridors and the different rooms of our house into a game of clues. You will obtain great benefits for everyone, since through the escape room teamwork is encouraged, logical reasoning is enhanced and it helps to improve communication ...

3. Cooking workshop
Through the kitchen we can not only have a fun time with the family, we can also teach and instill healthy habits in children that will help them have a happier life.

4. Board games
From cards, through Parcheesi or chess to less classical ones like Monopoly or Party. And it is that among table games you have a great variety to choose from: strategy, chance, concentration, educational ...

5. Visit to the city parks
Swings, slides, seesaws ... Who has not grown up playing in a park? Put the bucket and shovel in the car and look for a park with large green areas and different attractions. You will go back to your childhood!

6. Discovering the museums
What if we bring children closer to culture? Take a look at the programming of the museums in your city and look for an exhibition that is adapted to their age. The museum will become a new place for them and they will be excited. There they will awaken a lot of sensations: touch, smell, observe ...!

7. Afternoon at the library
In the library, the child will not only be able to discover the amount of books that are available to him, but he can also attend a workshop or storyteller. It will be a way to enhance and develop your imagination and creativity.

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