Short poems of 2 stanzas to play and have fun with children

Short poems of 2 stanzas to play and have fun with children

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Poetry quickly becomes a very entertaining game for children. Here we propose some short poems that have only 2 stanzas with which you can play and have fun with your children or students. We accompany these nursery rhymes with different activities with which you can promote the love for the poetic genre among the little ones. Don't miss them!

The first poem in this compilation talks about one of the most beautiful moments of the day, sunrise. Personifying the moon and the sun, these verses explain how night gives way to day.

Why not put melody and rhythm to these verses and turn them into a song? Ask your students to form small groups and each make up a melody, rhythm, or gesture choreography for this poem. Very funny things will come out! Of course, you can also enjoy this game at home.

come together on the mountain,

one goes to sleep

and another removes his gnawing.

They greet each other with two kisses

one for each cheek,

sometimes the universe

give away these wonders.

Children love animal poetry and squirrels are some of their favorite creatures. They are so adorable! This nursery rhyme talks about a group of squirrels enjoying a picnic overlooking the sea, who wouldn't want to.

A poem like this can give you prepare some recipes with the foods you mention: a biscuit cake, roasted apples, homemade bread, delicious marzipan ... Which one do you like best?

Squirrels on the rocks

take preferential place,

with beautiful sea views

they are the envy of the people.

They always feed them,

cookies, apples, bread,

sure that at christmas

also sweet and marzipan.

Below you will find a very short poem, of only 6 verses, that your students or children can easily memorize. It is about a spider having a bad day, a slightly crazy situation that will make children laugh.

These verses talk about footprints, which can inspire you to organize games to make children think. On the one hand, you can search the Internet for images of footprints in the sand made by different animals. Finding out which animal each footfall belongs to will become a fun challenge. But you can also create your own footprints with any object that you have around you and a little of the sand of the park or the beach.

and behind my footsteps,

I discovered a spider

that angrily kicks.

With the world she is angry,

And I can't do anything

Poems can help parents and teachers to make children reflect and even to change their behavior. This is what happens with the 2-stanza poem that we propose below. Some children experience the moment when the doctor tells them to wear glasses as a real drama. However, this poem will make you change your opinion about glasses, since with them they will see everything much better and it will be much more comfortable.

In case of using this poem in a classroom, we encourage you to work with the students on the acceptance of glasses and other elements such as hearing aids. You can propose to them to draw lenses in animal drawing templates that we give them. Even with straws or straws you can make glasses that you can then put on the class dolls.

They have put glasses to see

to a little bunny

and jumping to school,

happy, hopping.

Do you see the letters with the glasses?

- The teacher asks him -

and the bunny answered:

- I see much better now!

If you want to continue reading and having fun with your children, search in Guiainfantil.com some other poems for children. You are going to have a great time.

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