Satisfactory night weaning for the mother and respectful of the baby

Satisfactory night weaning for the mother and respectful of the baby

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When the mother and the couple (because here the role of the father, as in the rest of the upbringing, is important) decide to start with the night weaning They tend to have mixed feelings: on the one hand, they do not want to take away the nightly feedings that they demand so much from their baby, and on the other, they want to leave behind nocturnal awakenings, or they have simply made the decision and want to continue with it. How to remove the breast at night? Is there only one method? How to carry out this process without it being a trauma for either party?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends to breastfeed exclusively up to six months of age, and up to 2 years as complementary feeding. After this date or even before and due to different circumstances, many women start weaning, that is, the interruption of breastfeeding. It is recommended that this process be progressive and gradual to avoid complications.

There are situations in which once most of the foods have been introduced, it is the baby who gradually stops demanding breast milk, but it may also be the case that our baby continues to "use" the breast of his mother, especially at night, as a source of affection, affection, love, attachment, security, and to relax and thus fall asleep.

For the mother, this circumstance can be exhausting, because although she enjoys this moment of breastfeeding, she does not rest and the nights turn into a nightmare, hence the night weaning, which is nothing more than stopping breastfeeding at night.

It is important to note that it is recommended to wait until 12 months to start taking the night shots and that until then they should be on demand. But how can we achieve a satisfactory night weaning for the mother and respectful for the baby? Here are the most effective tips to carry it out:

- Play with the element of distraction, that is, when the baby demands the breast, entertain him by teaching him a story, playing with his favorite doll or simply try to postpone it by saying: "Now mommy can't, in a little while ...", to try so that you forget.

- Try to put him to sleep avoiding using the chest (with a lullaby, cradling him, pampering him ...)

- That it is asleep by another person (partner, grandparents ...) can work. Try it!

- Try to reason with your baby. Explain that you have to rest at night, but that in the morning she can breastfeed again.

- The father has a fundamental role during weaning, especially if it is nocturnal. You can help your partner a lot by putting the baby to sleep or by coming when he wakes up at night ... It requires a lot of patience on the part of the father, since he will surely be rejected by the child, and he does not have what the little one wants!

- If we have put into practice all the previous advice, and even so our baby does not have any comfort and cries constantly, we can give him a little breast. Let him be with you in bed until he calms down and falls asleep.

It is important that the transition from night weaning Be respectful for the baby, if at any given moment the breast demands a lot, it is recommended that you give it to him so that he does not assume it as a punishment. The following night, you can put everything previously recommended into practice.

It is a process that costs some children more than others, but don't worry, little by little the baby will forget those nightly feedings that are so demanding to fall asleep, and when he wakes up at night he will learn to sleep alone. Patience! You will get it.

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