14 excellent short dictations in verse for elementary school kids

14 excellent short dictations in verse for elementary school kids

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In our site We have made it a new goal for children to include short dictation exercises among their weekly assignments so that they can learn well the use of grammar and spelling rules. But we have also set the goal that parents and teachers have quality material to be able to do these practical exercises with children.

That is why today's lines are dedicated to verse. Keep reading and you will get rid of doubts and you will also have many examples of short dictations in verse to do with elementary school boys and girls.

We can define the verse as a set of words attached to a specific rhythm and rhyme, thus giving the rhythmic effect of a poem. The verse also contains several sentences.

If we start talking about the classification of the verses, we will have to say that the main ones are the free verse, which is not subject to rhyme; the sharp verse that always ends with sharp words and the regular verse that has the same measure in each verse and in each rhyme. There are also the chained verses

Did you know that the verse is made up of sentences while the stanza is made up of a set of verses? Interesting!

Let's see now what they are the main advantages of children doing exercises of dictation in verse:

- They improve memory, concentration and reading comprehension.

- They reinforce the grammatical content they are seeing at school.

- They know what the verse is and what its characteristics are.

- They enter the exciting world of poetry.

- They learn to value another literary genre as well as to know more about its authors.

- Let the imagination of the smallest of the house fly.

- They can write their own verses and then recite them, what is great about?

Now, it is time to see a few dictation exercises in ideal verses, all of them to do with boys and girls in the first and second cycle of primary school. Take note of them that will serve as material for your class or to do at home after school.

We start by proposing you some short poems by very famous poets that children should know. Both that we propose are perfect for working on rhyme, memory and concentration. And they are also very pretty!

1. Poetry by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer included in Rhymes

What is poetry? You say while you nail

in my pupil your blue pupil;

What is poetry ...? Are you asking me that?

You are poetry!

2. The fairies. Fragment of the children's poem by Rubén Darío

The fairies, the beautiful fairies,

they exist, my sweet girl,

Joan of Arc saw them winged,

in the countryside.

He saw them when he left the mirab,

long ago, Muhammad.

Smaller than a dove,

Shakespeare saw Queen Mab.

The fairies said things

in the cradle of ancient princesses:

what if they were going to be happy

or beautiful like the moon;

or strange and ambiguous phrases.

These are the most suitable for working on grammar rules like the ones we show you here.

First of all we propose some that serve to work the 'k' sound, which is represented with c before a, o, u with “qu” before e, i.

3. When I finish the first year of primary school at Valle School,

I'll go to second and I'll be able to play on the senior courts.

4. The mayor has decided to place a container in the corner

from the square so we can recycle.

To learn the use of the 'and' it will be easier than ever with free verses like these:

5. Yesterday, after breakfast, I went with my father to the park

from where you can see the beautiful Hague in bloom.

6. Upon reaching the jungle, the elders looked for some branches

and I helped them by supporting them on the ground to make a fire.

He correct use of the 'x' with simple and practical examples:

7. Alexander is an excellent sculptor

lives in Barcelona in a duplex near the esplanade from which you can see the sea.

8. Extend left and right

experts in this express themselves wonderfully.

Now let's move on to excerpts from famous poems. Remember that once the child has finished the dictation you will have to correct it to resolve their doubts.

9. Fragment of the poem Ratoncito Pérez

A girl stumbled

and a tooth fell out.

Happy and enthusiastic,

put it under his pillow.

had a great confusion

“But look what that is!

A delicious piece of cheese! ”.

With his hands he took it

and with the tooth marched

The girl waking up

looked and her started to cry.

10. Fragment in verse of the story The boy and the dinos

A long time ago, there lived in the world of dinosaurs a child who could not read.

Therefore, he spent the whole day not knowing what to do.

Tricedora encouraged him, told him every hour:

- The b with the e, beeeee.

And the child put on an old face

and became a sheep.

"The b with the e, beeeee," he said again.

In his school there were no stories,

nor at home did they read him stories.

And the boy was not happy,

he yawned and fell asleep every moment.

11. Clear, serene eyes of Gutierre de Cetina

Clear, serene eyes

if you are praised with a sweet look,

Why, if you look at me, do you look angry?

If the more pious,

you seem more beautiful to the one who looks at you,

do not look at me with anger,

because you do not seem less beautiful.

Oh raging torments!

Clear, serene eyes

since you look at me that way, look at me at least.

The chained verses They are a specific style that consists of starting a verse with the same word with which the previous verse ended. We can do the verses ourselves, here are some that I have made for my son, or we can also take as reference popular poems like the last one you are going to see by Antonio Machado.

12. The jungle

Adrian sees a lion,

the lion king of the jungle

animals that are fierce but also friends

friends like the ones Adrián has

6-year-old Adrián who always reads a lot

reading a lot is what culture gives

13. Sandra's mountain

a mountain that overlooks the sea

the immense sea in which fish swim

some colorful fish

bright and striking colors

how striking is that Sandra can fly

fly, of course, by setting your imagination free

14. The square has a tower. By Antonio Machado

The square has a tower,

the tower has a balcony,

the balcony has a lady,

the lady a white flower.

a gentleman has passed

-Who knows why it happened! -

and has taken the square,

with its tower and its balcony,

with his balcony and his lady

his lady and her white flower.

Ready to go!

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