German baby names, with translation. J - Q

German baby names, with translation. J - Q

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He universe of names it is big, colorful, strange and meaningful. Hence, many parents find themselves at the crossroads of not knowing very well which one to choose for their little one. The most superstitious prefer to leave this task until the last moment, in case bad luck wants their desire to be dyed dark. Then there are the most restless, who, without even knowing the sex of the child, already consider several options. What group are you in? It's the same! For all of them and for lovers of German culture, in we have selected more than a hundred German names with great meaning.

The decision to become parents is not always easy to make, but since you have taken the step, there is no going back! Now we have to face a lot of dilemmas, among them, the responsibility of choosing the name that will accompany your child throughout his life. How to find the correct one and the most suitable one, the one that makes you happy and that transmits all your personality?

  • Rainbow baby name ideas
  • The most popular names of the last 10 years for boys in Germany
  • Never go out of style German names for girls
  • Exclusive and select German names from J to Q

Rainbow baby name ideas

Almost all children are wanted children, but there are some that their parents have been waiting for a long (too) long time. The little one did not arrive when they wanted and they had to overcome many difficulties, such as fertility treatment or loss. Perhaps for this reason, the father and mother look for a name for this rainbow baby that means and transmits joy for a wish fulfilled.

  1. Juna. Of Celtic origin, the translation of this feminine name would be the desired one.
  2. Manal. Of Arab origin, Manal is another perfect option for a rainbow baby. It means the wish was fulfilled.
  3. Manisha. We travel to India now to discover that Manisha means I wish you with all my heart.
  4. Midori. This name born in Greek lands has many coincidences with those on this list: happy and well pleased.
  5. Muna. This feminine name will not only reflect your desire to have your girl with you, but you will also transmit your best vibes for the future.
  6. Murat. If the next ultrasound confirms that your baby will be a boy, this is your name! Murat means the wanted and wanted.
  7. Ominaya. And we end our list with a name for rainbow girls of Arabic origin. You know what he wants to say? The one desired by all.

The most popular names of the last 10 years for boys in Germany

In this section, we want to discover what is cooked in the country of sausages and knuckles in terms of choosing the names of future babies born in this European territory. What will be the favorite names for children who are coming into the world in the last decade?

  1. Jakob. It is such a popular name that it can be found alone or with different compositions, for example, Jakob Andreas, Jakob Friedrich or Jakob Gerhad. It means cunning.
  2. Luca. It is the Italian form of Lucas and derived from Lucio. It is used for boys, although there is a tendency to baptize girls with it.
  3. Marcel. French variant of Marcelo, is a name that has been carried by several parents. Its diminutive and best known and popular form is Marcus.
  4. Marvin. This name is derived from a Welshman, Merfyn, and was long used as a surname. At present, the diminutive Mark is used to call the children who bear this name.
  5. Maximilian. Most popular is Máximo, a name that means the greatest, and perhaps it is because of this meaning that it has become one of the most demanded in recent years.
  6. Noun. Parents who choose this name, translated as wish, want to transmit all the best to their child. You like?
  7. Philipp. In its simplicity is the appeal of this name that translated into Spanish is Felipe.

Never go out of style German names for girls

What is the best name for your son? This is the magic question that all parents ask themselves and one that is difficult to answer. In these cases, the best thing is to listen to your heart and let your instincts carry you. Of course, all parents, deep down, have intimate reasons for opting for one option or another, for example, that they like German names. Is it your case? Take a look at this list of German names that never go out of style for girls.

  1. Johanna. It means full of grace and the girls and women who bear this name are said to be very friendly and social.
  2. Firewood. This name has gained strength in recent years because there was a German singer named for that who came to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest. It is considered a form of Helena.
  3. Lisa. There are many famous internationally so called, hence Lisa is a name that never goes out of style. It is a short form of Elisabeth, another name that remains in the minds of parents of all generations.
  4. Luana. This name does not have a clear origin. Some say that it is Hawaiian and that it means happiness, and other sources speak of French origin and relate it to Louane. Although there are also those who point out that it is Italian and relates it to the Moon.
  5. Mara. In some countries like Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbian or Croatia, it can be considered a minor form of Mary.
  6. Nicole. It is the feminine form of Nicolás. Since the seventies it became very popular, because it was the name of one of the most influential women in the country. Since then, he has remained a favorite of many future dads.
  7. Nora Short form of Eleonora or Eleonore. Famous people with this name are Nora Jones, singer and songwriter, and Nora Roberts, writer.

Exclusive and select German names from J to Q

Can you imagine that we all called ourselves María, Jose, Federico or Manuela? Life would be complete chaos! Luckily for this choose names for babies There is no single criterion, on the contrary, and each one is governed by their own tastes, traditions or beliefs.

Some parents choose their baby's name based on its length; For others, on the other hand, the most important thing is that it has musicality, and there are those who opt for one option or another depending on the fashions at the time of the child's birth.

Anyway, from We have wanted to put a bit of order to this question with the creation of these tables in which you will find, ordered from J to K, the main german names that begin with these letters, their meaning and if it corresponds to a boy, a girl or if it is unisex. It couldn't be easier!

JARVIASharp spearGirl
JARVINIASharp intelligenceGirl
JENELLKnowledge, understanding, kindnessGirl
JOHANNFunny gift from godBoy
KASCHLike a blackbirdBoy
KIEFERKeg makerBoy
THE SEAlandBoth of them
SPEARGentleman's assistantBoy
LEARFrom the meadowBoy
LEONARDLion heartBoy
LEO / LEONBold leaderBoy
LEOPOLDBold leaderBoy
LEOPOLDABold leaderGirl
LEYNALittle angelGirl
LIESEDear to godGirl
LORELEIFrom the river rhineGirl
LORINGFamous at warBoy
LORENAWhere Lothar dwellsGirl
LOUISFamous warriorBoy
LOUISEWarrior maidenGirl
MADISONSon of the mighty warriorBoth of them
MALLORYArmy advisorGirl
MANFREDMan of peaceBoy
MARLENEChild of light, bitterGirl
MATHILDABattle forceGirl
MaudStrength in battleGirl
MAYERFarmer, older, of the lightBoy
MERRILLFamous, from the seaBoy
MEYERA farmerBoy
MINNALove, mother, bitternessGirl
NIXIEWater spriteGirl
NORBERTBlonde heroBoy
NORBERTABlonde heroGirl
NORDICAFrom NorthGirl
ODELIAThe little rich, God of praiseGirl
ODELLThe little rich, ode, otterBoy
OLINDAFeature protectorGirl
OMARFirst son, discipleBoy
ORLANTHAFrom the earthGirl
OTISSharp, richBoy
PENRODEsteemed commanderBoy

If despite all these proposals that we have presented, you still have doubts about what name to give your future offspring, but you are clear that you want it to be a name of Germanic originPay attention to the list that we give you below!

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