Down's Syndrome

The great life lessons of a Down syndrome girl to her father

The great life lessons of a Down syndrome girl to her father

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To write again about how my days with Lucia are, a Down syndrome girl, It goes back to when I still couldn't understand why these things happened to me, because I couldn't have a normal daughter. Yes, it is common, because to me. I remember the deep sadness of thinking about his limitations, in his daily struggle, in his failures, which, ultimately, would be mine until he smiled at me ... There began a wave of satisfactions and life lessons that did not stop anymore, until today, I write these lines.

In Lucia there is no magic, she does not have super powers, nor did her condition make her a super hero, she is only a person like you, like me, whom life rewarded with an extra chromosome. The chromosome that gives us examples, although she does not ask to be, an example of effort, optimism, joy. Their anxieties are real, their worries are noticed and felt in the environment. Sometimes they hurt, other times they teach.

Lucía taught me that the path traveled is more important than the final result. Lucia teaches me every day all the miseries that we "normal" have, and her effort and her infinite will to improve herself strengthen me.

On the safe path there are frustrations, but not because of her, if not because of the little empathic environment that surrounds us. Happiness is easier than we think, and it is there, in the simple things, not in the complex.

Down syndrome allowed me to have another perspective on life. It opened my mind and that of all those who are capable of looking with the heart and not with the eyes. Out there I still hear that our children are sick or suffer from their condition. I can assure you that it is not.

Living with Lu teaches me that it is easy to say I love you when you feel like it And anywhere, that inhibitions were not born for that select group of people with trisomy.

I once thought that having a daughter with a disability gave me a social responsibility, that he came to give me a mission and I assumed it, in my own way, as it comes out, with imperfections, with big mistakes. I learned that Lucía's success is the product of the work of a team that never conditioned her, that believed in her potential and that never put a ceiling on her. And this is what it is about, to understand that people have no roof and that we have to try to understand that the differences are the perfect complement.

My reality is this, that of being the father of two daughters, one with one more chromosome and the other with one less (than the other). And between them an abyss of differences, differences that built similarities.

The indifference of some hurts a lot, The discrimination our children suffer still hits hard on our souls, but I am optimistic because our generation is breaking down paradigms, our children are increasingly powerful, their way of expressing themselves is being heard everywhere, paths are opening up, they are achieving their objectives and are encouraged to stand up to a cruel system.

And we, his parents, must be 'Sancho', and stay there by the side. They are making noise and I am convinced that we should learn from them, because there we would meet again with values ​​that have been lost. My days with my china, as I like to say it, are like this, almost always happy and with "I love you" in the morning and at the start of each day.

I was once asked: "If you could choose, would you choose for your daughter to have Down's Syndrome?". I told him absolutely convinced:" Yes, I would choose Lucia again. The difficult thing is that she wanted to choose me again as her father. "

Text: Francisco Bedini

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