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Why getting pregnant in September is a good (and bad) idea

Why getting pregnant in September is a good (and bad) idea

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In We have started a very nice project, to tell what pregnancy will be like quarter by quarter according to the month of the year in which it begins. And, as you can imagine, it is not the same to stay healthy at the beginning of the year than at the end of the year. This time we focus on discovering what it means get pregnant in september, both for the mother and for the baby that grows inside the belly.

If you know how your pregnancy is going to develop according to the season, you will feel much more secure and comfortable. You can even encourage yourself to plan your pregnancy with the fertile days calculator! And September is as good a month as the rest in which there are advantages and disadvantages. As they say, good face to bad weather!

What does it suppose that the pregnancy begins in September? Well, you are going to live the most exciting months of your life in which you will notice how, little by little, a creature grows within you that will fill your heart and soul with love. The first trimester of pregnancy will go from September to November, the second, from December to February and the final stretch will be from March to May. It will be in June when you have to be 100% ready because your baby can be born at any time. Shall we start?

1. From September to November: the first trimester of pregnancy

The suffocating heat of summer is gone, it's time to get back to routine and start new projects; the most exciting, that of your pregnancy. In these months it is not very cold yet, but little by little the bad weather will approach so you will have to prepare your closet. During these first few months, it is common to feel much more tired than usual. Try to rest as much as possible!

In these first days there are usually not many symptoms or discomfort, except for nausea or vomiting (don't worry, they will pass when the second trimester arrives) and the frequent urge to urinate. This is because the kidneys work more effectively to remove waste from the body. Nothing happens, just remember that you should not put up with the urge to go to the bathroom to pee. If you feel stinging or mild pain when you urinate, see your doctor in case it is an infection.

2. Take note: the second trimester of pregnancy will go from December to February

The Christmas holidays come with your second trimester of pregnancy, which means that this Christmas is going to be very special. Everyone will be talking about the baby on the way! If the nausea has already disappeared completely, you may feel very hungry and as at Christmas there are always very tasty things to eat ... Give yourself the odd whim but avoid indulgence, they will not do you any good.

Consult your doctor, but they will likely recommend that you get the flu vaccine, if you haven't already had it by this time of year. It is important to protect you and your baby!

At this stage the belly begins to grow and be noticed. There are women who immediately have a big belly and others who go through not being pregnant. Whatever your case, to prevent the tissues from breaking and the hideous stretch marks appear, start taking care of yourself as soon as possible with specific anti-stretch mark moisturizers. In this way your skin will be well hydrated and will gain elasticity, just what you need for your abdomen to grow without suffering at the rate that your little one does.

3. The third trimester of pregnancy will be from March to May

The cold of winter is gradually disappearing (don't get rid of your warm maternity clothes just in case) and the sunny days are showing more and more. Your belly grows and if it gets heavier, but as the weather is good, you will have to make the effort to go for a walk every day. Your baby grows bigger and in a few days he will be positioned with his head nestled in your pelvis, daily walks will make him adapt to his new position comfortably.

Your back may ache or you may notice that the sciatica nerve is pinched every two to three. They are normal things in the final stretch of pregnancy, as the baby gains weight, everything becomes more complicated, from walking without balancing, to getting a good night's sleep through the uncomfortable of having to go to the bathroom every two by three. To avoid these and other annoyances, first of all, take things slowly and positively, in a few days you will have your child in your arms and everything will return to its place.

How do I know if I am in labor? As much as you already know about the subject, this question will appear more and more times as the due date approaches. Use our calculator to know with a little more certainty when your delivery is expected to occur. Keep in mind that the baby may arrive earlier than expected, so it is best to be prepared.

Starting at week 40, if your baby has not yet decided to come out, doctors may choose to schedule your delivery. In any case you can be calm, you will be well cared for.

The long-awaited day has finally arrived, your child has been born and everything has gone well, you can now take him in your arms and give him that kiss full of love that you have been saving these nine months. Congratulations mom!

Your baby is already one of the family, how exciting! He was born in June and summer is approaching, so you should be aware of high temperatures so that they do not affect the baby, dress him in light clothing and breastfeed frequently.

It is also time to think little by little about recovering yourself, for this, you have to take your time, support yourself in others, let yourself be loved and ask your midwife everything you need. Whether you have had a cesarean section or have had a conventional delivery, you will need a series of care and medical check-ups to take it as well as possible. Also remember to eat well and drink plenty of water.

Congratulations mom!

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