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The good and bad of getting pregnant in March

The good and bad of getting pregnant in March

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What does get pregnant in march? Like any other time of the year, it has its good points and its bad points. The approximate due date will be in December, which means that those Christmases are going to be the most special you've ever had. But there is still more. Let's see trimester by trimester what your pregnancy will be like if it starts in March and let's also see how delivery and the first months of your little one's life will be.

March is the month in which spring begins, the sun is gradually showing itself, the days are longer and a smile is drawn on your face knowing that inside you that baby starts to grow the one you are going to love with all your soul. And it is that the pregnancy is wonderful, emotional and at the same time somewhat uncertain since there are many doubts that arise. The more prepared you have everything for the delivery and the more questions you have resolved, the more confident and calm you will feel.

If you have stayed or want to get pregnant in March, remember that if you use the conception and fertile days calculator it will be easier. First of all, tell you congratulations! The great adventure of your life begins. And also tell you to keep reading since we are going to detail how your pregnancy is going to develop quarter by quarter and what it will be like to give birth in December.

1. The first trimester of pregnancy will be from March to May

That your pregnancy begins with spring has many advantages, it is very possible that the weather is with you and that you can enjoy taking walks in the countryside or through the streets of your city. During this stage the belly does not grow much, so it will not be necessary to buy a lot of maternity clothes. Well it is true that gas can make your stomach bloat And that you cannot fasten your pants, we will tell you a little trick: instead of putting the button on, put a hair tie and put the button on the side that should be giving the slack you need. If you put your blouse over it, nobody will see it.

Take these beauty tips into account from the first day of pregnancy to look good during and after pregnancy.

Starting gestation in spring can also mean be lower in energy. The new season, hormonal imbalances and the occasional change in mood can result in that daily fatigue. You just have to take it easy, eat well and varied and take short breaks whenever you need it.

2. The second trimester of pregnancy will go from June to August

Summer in its purest form and your belly that grows little by little. You will notice a lot of heat but not as much as if it were the final stretch of pregnancy. To carry it the best possible, cool off in the pool and in the sea and take the opportunity to take a walk when the sun goes down.

If you notice that your back hurts, something normal due to the weight you carry on your belly, correct your posture and change it every so often. If you work sitting up, stand up and take a few steps, but if you work standing up, try placing a chair nearby to rest even for a few moments. Wear comfortable shoes and do a few stretches at the end of the day.

3. Third and last trimester of pregnancy, from September to November

How quickly time passes! The final stretch of your pregnancy has arrived and it does so with the cold and in the face of Christmas. Quiet, you just have to get hold of a good coat that fits your belly and some other garment so that you are comfortable and warm. The bad weather does not mean that you should put aside the walks, just that they are shorter and at the central hours of the day.

The baby prepares, grows and moves more and more so do not be surprised if at night he wants to play inside you while you try to fall asleep. Calm down and be patient, change your posture, put a pillow between your legs and drink some water. In a few days you will have your baby in your arms and this uncomfortable stage will finally pass.

Your child will be born in December, that is, in winter, a month as good as any other, you just have to be careful with colds. What a beautiful month to give birth! If it is already emotional by the endearing parties, imagine if you also give birth to your child. If the delivery arrives at the beginning of December, you will spend Christmas with your baby, if it is made to wait and it arrives towards the end of the month, it may come as a gift from Santa Claus or even just before you eat the grapes. It goes without saying that when the next Christmas comes around your child will celebrate their first birthday in a magical time.

You will have to be aware of yourself and listen to your body. Sometimes it comes first bag breakingIf it also happens to you, go to the hospital as soon as possible, the delivery will start right away. If the contractions come first, make sure they are regular and a little intense, it also usually happens that they start at first and then stop and then take on more intensity.

Remember to also have everything prepared a few days before, your breastfeeding clothes, the baby's clothes, the backpack that you are going to take to the hospital and everything you need when you get home: the crib, the car ... Having everything ready will give you security and peace of mind.

Enjoy this wonderful experience as much as you can!

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