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A fairytale salad. Story to read with children before eating

A fairytale salad. Story to read with children before eating

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Stories can teach values, they can instill self-esteem, they can teach vocabulary ... and they can encourage you to try foods you have never wanted to eat. We propose you a short story for children entitled "A fairy tale salad". Reading this story before eating can be a good excuse to talk about certain vegetables and ... who knows if your children might decide to try them.

We accompany this children's story with some reading comprehension questions and with some recipes in which the vegetables in the narrative are present. To read! To eat!

I want to invent a fairytale salad! I want to make a fairytale salad! He was surprised to hear a pepper while he slept in the garden.

Intrigued, he began to search where the voice came from. He looked among the lettuce bushes, among the strawberries, potatoes, and onions, and finally discovered that it was the gardener who looked after them every day who was speaking.

"Then," said the pepper. Make it up!

- It's not that easy! - I answer- . I can't think of anything original.

- What if you ask in the garden? - He proposed, sure of being chosen.

- What a good idea! - Said an onion that was listening carefully. I will be part of your story.

- We also want to be in your story! - Said the tomatoes.

Lettuces, endive, and endive rushed to talk to the gardener.

- We have always wanted to be in a different story - they told them- . Can you let us be part of yours?

The pepper went to talk to her good friend the carrot.

"The gardener is going to invent a fairy tale salad," he said. Do you want to participate?

The carrot was very shy and hesitated for a moment, but finally said:

- I'll do it and give it a nice color.

A lombard who was silent began to turn purple with envy and spoke:

- I also want to be in this fairy tale salad!

- And U.S! - shouted some potatoes, also turning purple.

The gardener looked at everyone in exasperation.

- Don't you realize it? he shouted, when no one expected him. With you I would make a common salad, I want to make a fairy tale salad!

Vegetables and greens were very sad to be rejected and they were crestfallen. When the gardener saw his disappointment, he thought.

Everyone wanted to be part of their salad, and that was essential for it to come out well and be a story. They would be arranged in an original way, and each would give the best of himself. A salad with all of them present it would be the tastiest and most colorful of all the orchards in the area.

The gardener decided to let all the vegetables, greens and fruits from his garden participate that asked him to. Quinces, walnuts, figs, cucumbers, chives, squash and zucchini, came together to form a fairytale salad And, according to those who tested it, it was.

Here we propose some 'True or False' questions for your child to practice reading comprehension once you have finished with the story.

1. The gardener was very clear about how he wanted the salad.

2. No vegetables wanted to participate in the salad.

3. In the end, the gardener decided not to include any of the vegetables from his garden.

A very fun activity that you can also do after reading this beautiful story is to prepare a recipe with some of the ingredients that appear in the story. Here are some delicious examples we can think of:

1. Carrot cake
Carrots provide many benefits for children, so they must be present in their diet. Although the best way to eat them is raw, a good way to introduce this vegetable to the little ones is through a rich carrot cake. It can be a delicious dessert or a rich snack for your child.

2 potatoes stuffed with cheese and broccoli
Kids love potatoes ... and who doesn't !? So they can be a perfect vehicle to get them to try other vegetables that may cost more, such as broccoli. Try this recipe for roast potatoes stuffed with cheese and broccoli that will delight young and old.

3. Salad of peppers and cod
Have you ever tried the Esgarraet? It is a typical recipe from Valencia (Spain) rich in Omega 3. Its preparation is quick, simple and does not require complicated ingredients to find in any market or supermarket.

4. Smiling red cabbage salad
Sometimes you have to do anything to get children to try new foods. This is the case of red cabbage, which can be much more appetizing if you prepare it in a more fun way. For this reason, we propose you a delicious trompe l'oeil of red cabbage, apple, bacon, raisin and walnuts.

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