6 Traits that define children in which the color green predominates

Today it's time to see the world of colors. And with them, we are going to find out what color (blue, green, red or yellow) represents our baby. And no, we are not talking about giving blue to boys and pink to girls, but about getting closer to defining some behavioral traits of our little one through colors and knowing if he has the soul of a boss in the future or what they will be like. your relationships with others.

Do you want to know, for example, what characteristics define the children in which green predominates? Will your child be in this color? Knowing these details will help you discover your inner self and work with it in many aspects.

For this we are going to discover the psychological theory of Carl Jung and the Insight model. This tells us that there are four fundamental types of energies, each associated with a color (blue, red, yellow and green), as an approximation for the identification of the different types of personalities(see graphic above)

All children are different and special, but they all share many common traits. And it is that, we all have something of the four colors with more or less tint, of the four energies, but some of them are more dominant than the others and mark our character and our behavior more. Do you want to find out what color predominates in your baby?

Since we discover you today the color green. As expected, green is associated with nature, with Mother Earth.

In general they are children social and empathetic, who perceive the world through their senses to build their own values ​​and create their imaginary and spirituality. The little ones with green energy they have the following personality traits:

1. They are patient and tolerant children
These little ones transmit calm and serenity. Rush is not your thing. They walk slowly but surely. With them harmony will always reign in the family. Self-control will end up being one of your hallmarks. And it is that, you will not be able to easily get him out of his boxes.

2. They are spiritual children
These suckers seek harmony and balance in their life. In them you will see loyalty and, in addition, they will create deep and stable relationships. Not in vain do they like the closeness of people. And they always get well surrounded, since they are very vital and optimistic, even if they are introverts.

3. They are democratic children
Respect will define you as a person. They love to listen and take into account the opinion of others. And it is that, they prefer teamwork and democratic decisions that facilitate the union of the group. However, they will defend their values ​​with determination and persistence, but always without seeking confrontation.

4 They are persistent and constant children
If green energy predominates in your child, you will have a good worker at home. They are not afraid of hard work or routine. Little by little and slowly they always end up reaching the goal. They dwell on the details and never throw in the towel until they meet their goal effectively.

5. They are children with little creativity
These youngest will be obedient. And they prefer to be sent and told what to do than to think and create for themselves. They opt for mechanical work and try to avoid the one who is liberal or creative. Green energy makes them practical and realistic people. Come on, there are few birds in their heads.

6. They are children who do not like changes
They like stability and as a color of nature that it is, these little ones like to have their feet on the ground and situations under control. They always seek to minimize risks, which makes them cautious. In
their flight from change and innovation, they usually put their bet on the traditional.

"Green, I love you green," Federico García Lorca wrote in his Romancero Gitano. This energy, thanks to Mother Earth, always envelops us and surely there is something of it in your child. Do you already recognize the greenest part of your child?

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