8 great short poems for kids that foster a love of poetry

8 great short poems for kids that foster a love of poetry

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If you want to encourage a love of poetry in your children, try this selection of short poems for children. They refer to different themes: dreams, nature, values ​​... but surely all of them excite your children for their meaning and rhyme. In addition, with each of them we propose a fun activity that will make your children want to read and recite poetry more often. Have fun!

The first poem that we propose is composed of two stanzas that they talk about dreams. This cute poem is a great excuse to start a conversation with your child about his own dreams, the ones that come to him every night when he goes to sleep.

You will be amazed at how imaginative children's minds can be even when they are asleep! Tell him some of the dreams too that you remember so that he knows you a little better. In this way you will be able to build a very special moment between the two of you.

Lying down look up at the sky

and I don't know what he will think,

cradled by the waves

and by the noise of the sea.

I look at it and close my eyes

opens them and looks out to sea,

lying on the sand

he just wants to dream.

All children like to walk, but this is not just any walk ... It's a walk in verse! In addition, this walk is joined by ladies who are so important to your child's education as Constancia, Generosa or Benigna.

Depending on your little one's age, they may not understand very well what each word means. Why not you look for them in the dictionary to understand its meaning? For once, park the Internet and use a paper dictionary. Take the opportunity to teach your child how to use this very important tool that is being used less and less.

Generosa went for a walk,

joined the Paseo Clemencia,

then Benign and Virtuous.

Advertise with Favorite

they were also on a walk

and with Transfiguration

at the crossroads they agreed.

A poem in which languages ​​are mixed? If possible! Your son will be very amused by these verses starring the stars and the moon, who want to be polyglots. What fun! Sure your little one is better than them speaking English. Once you have finished reading this poem, you can take the opportunity to practice languages.

When children have fun, they learn better, so we recommend that you use songs, stories and others games to practice English with your child. You will have a great time!

They are learning english

two stars and the moon,

"Hello" -said the teacher-

And does not answer any.

«Tell me What is your name?»

But no answer.

-said the annoying moon-

«Comment allez-vous?» - asks-

then the same teacher.

And all three have agreed

speak better spanish.

I walked through the fields

I dreamed that by heaven

with the moon he galloped.

And although it had no wings ...

The dreamed happened,

because even the sky flew,

and raising it to his rump,

with the moon he galloped.

This has been a very simple poem that all children tend to understand if they pay a little attention. However, you can ask some reading comprehension questions to see if your little one has understood the poem. If the answers are not correct, you can re-read the poem more calmly. We propose some questions:

- What was the horse doing?

- What did the protagonist of this poem dream of?

- Although it had no wings, did the little horse manage to fly?

This poem will take your child to Antarctica ... You can almost feel the cold ice! Children tend to be very fond of short poems featuring animals, especially when it comes to distant creatures like seals or penguins. However, these verses speak of other animals your child might not know like, for example, elephant seals or albatrosses.

Therefore, after reading this poem, you can talk to him about these beautiful species that climate change is making life so difficult for them. Talk to them about this reality and about the need to take care of the planet In which we live.

Two killer whales in Antarctica

they play with a penguin,

some seals, a walrus

and a sea elephant.

Flying comes an albatross,

then a seagull comes,

and in the sea with the whale,

they play with a ball.

With the peel of a banana,

a gorilla slipped,

breaking bones

Even if it looks like a lie,

he hurt his leg,

had to walk with a cane

and the pain gave him the can.

was the monkey punished

until the poor gorilla

I would have completely healed.

Put to the test your child's reading comprehension asking you to answer this little exercise on true and false. How many questions will you be able to answer correctly?

- The mischievous monkey threw a banana peel on the ground

- When falling, the gorilla did not do any damage.

- The gorilla had to walk with a cane, because his leg hurt.

- The monkey left without serving any punishment.

So that your children start to like poetry you have to consider it as a fun activity. Rhyme and verses can become his great friends if you transform them into very entertaining games. And, in this case, we suggest you put music to this poem starring a worm. You can make up a simple melody and recite the poem by singing its notes. Take the opportunity to exercise your child's memory (and your own) by learning the following verses.

A worm has his house

a thousand meters underground,

there he sleeps when he wants

and in its hole it is enclosed.

with a sharp tail,

has very few neighbors

but he doesn't care either.

He likes solitude

and the noise bothers him,

that's why under the ground

he has very few friends.

The following short poem presents you with a very clear situation, very easy to imagine and which, therefore, is very appropriate for drawing. Ask your child to do a drawing inspired by the verses that you just read, make your own design ... and compare them! Surely you have a great time looking at what one and the other have drawn.

Trina a bird in the nest

beautiful song in the morning,

the flower grows on the rose bush,

the frog croaks in the pond.

A cricket sings too

happy at dawn,

and the snails come out

to walk later.

For you to continue enjoying the poetic genre with your child, we propose other beautiful nursery rhymes.

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