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How to fight a cough and fever in children and babies

How to fight a cough and fever in children and babies

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Sleeping through the night at once is sometimes an unattainable wish for parents of young children when they are sick.

Sometimes, the persistent cough of children that does not let them or us sleep, or the concern about whether their fever rises when they have a cold makes us spend the night in a sleep-wake, which invites us to get up every so often to find out how our baby is doing.

After several days like this, it is usual go to the pediatrician's office in search of a remedy to relieve a cough, fever and, why not, repair our bags and dark circles with a dose of restful sleep. However, as stated by Primary Care Pediatricians in the 9th Refresher course in Pediatrics, it is important for parents to know that fever is a response of the body to deal with infections and that coughing is used to eliminate secretions.

It is true that parental fear of fever, known as fever phobia, arises from ignorance and the belief that it can be harmful and cause seizures. The key is that parents receive education on what fever is and how to treat it.

Thus, it is striking that they affirm that the pain or discomfort caused by fever should be treated and not the fever itself, and for this reason, they recommend talking to families about the eventual need for analgesics and not about antipyretics or antipyretics.

Following this same line, pediatricians consider it more important to know the origin of the fever and the child's condition, than the temperature itself, since seizures only occur in 4 out of 100 cases.

Acute cough, an annoying symptom that makes it difficult for both children and adults to rest, is another of the most frequent concerns of parents in pediatric consultations. As with fever, health education for families is essential for the treatment of coughAnd, the best solution is not to go to a pharmacy in search of some drug that alleviates these discomforts.

Some can have adverse effects and cause arrhythmias and cardiovascular disorders. The AEPap advises that the child with a cough due to catarrhal processes is perfectly hydrated, that the humidification of the environment is favored and that spaces with smoke be avoided.

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