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Letter to the Magi to print

Letter to the Magi to print

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Children anxiously await Christmas because with it comes the letter to the Magi. In this letter they put all the toys and gifts they want to have at Christmas.

The letter to the Magi, besides being one of the favorite traditions of children, is of great help to parents. Thanks to this Christmas letter, parents will discover the gifts that children want for Christmas. we have prepared a surprise for thisChristmas, it is a letter to the Magi with an exclusive design. It is ready to print and that you can fill it out with the children.

You just have to click on the image andto printthe letter to the Three Wise Men and it will be ready to fill out with your children, nephews or grandchildren.

The most interactive dads can fill in the letter online and send it by email to their Eastern Majesties to receive it as soon as possible. With this letter to the Magi you can create a game to entertain children in children at Christmas.

In the letter to the kings, the children first have to tell how they have behaved over the last year. Then they should make a list of the toys and gifts they want to receive In Christmas.

Parents can limit the number of toys on the list to two or three. It is a good initiative to control child consumerism at this time.

We hope you like our special letter for the Magi and that both parents and children fill it with all your wishes and illusions for this Christmas. also invites you to PRINT the letter to Father Christmas or Santa Claus

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