Why children celebrate April Fools' Day

Why children celebrate April Fools' Day

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He December 28th, both in Spain and in Latin America the so-called Day of the Innocents. During this day, jokes happen among children that also reach adults. The jokes usually have a comic tinge in which one person is always the 'victim' who falls into the 'innocent'.

In Anglo-Saxon countries a similar day is celebrated but on a different date, which is every April 1, and which is called Fool's day -the day of the fools-, or the Fiesta de Locos in France on January 1. But really, where does this tradition that is framed in the middle of Christmas come from?

To know the origins of this day of laughter and jokes, we have to go back to its biblical explanation. In the writings of the New Testament According to Saint Matthew, it is related how more than two thousand years ago, when the arrival of Messiah A revolution broke out in Israel that ended in child tragedy.

The Magi of the East They came to Jerusalem in search of the envoy of God who will rule Israel, and who was to be born with the appearance of a new star in the sky, which Melchor, Gaspar and Balthazar they followed from their place of origin. This ad, collected in the Old Testament, reached the ears of the king Herod the Great, famous for his lack of mercy and lust for power.

Fearing to be replaced by the Messiah, and knowing that the Envoy was young, King Herod commanded murder to all those under two years of age in order to eliminate as many babies as possible, since some of them were God's chosen.

It was then that this terrifying massacre gave rise to what we now know as Day of the Innocents every December 28. In this way, the Catholic Church pays homage to all those who died cruelly murdered on the orders of Herod. The tradition ended up being a party in which the 'innocent' to the most naive are the attraction of the day.

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