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In we are celebrating double. On the one hand, we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of the creation of this digital magazine with information about fathers and mothers, and about everything related to pregnancy, babies and children; and, on the other hand, we celebrate that on our YouTube channel ... We are already more than a million subscribers!

We have to go back to October 27, 2006 to talk about the origin of the YouTube channel of That day the first video was uploaded: a group of children singing a Christmas carol. More than ten years later, the number of videos published on our channel is close to 2,000. The reason for the success? We will tell you!

1. Professionalism and dedication
Reaching one million subscribers is not easy. We have achieved it with a lot of work, perseverance, affection, dedication and time invested.

2. Quality of the videos
During all this time we had one thing clear: we wanted to be a source of information for fathers and mothers, and a place of reference where you could go to answer your questions. For this, we have had the best specialists in each sector: nutritionists, midwives, pediatricians, educational coaches ...

3. Active listening
Our work has not been limited to recording, editing and uploading videos. The answer that this piece had was what was going to mark our line of work. Therefore, every day our team was attentive to your comments and doubts, to continue improving and growing with you.

4. Content for all audiences
In our site everyone will find that something they are looking for. Parents have videos with tips on education, health, pregnancy, or cooking recipes. For their part, the children have a great time with the videos of stories, songs and with the stories of Ragged Bear, our mascot.

5. Available 24 hours a day
All the content that we upload to our YouTube channel remains there for you to consult again at any time of the day and from any mobile device: tablet, phone or computer. Have you seen how simple and easy?

Do you want to know which videos have had the most visits? A track! In many of them, the protagonist is our beloved Ragged Bear.

1. Mix of songs for children. Traposo Bear Greatest Hits
40 minutes followed by songs by Traposo.

2. The frog was singing left of the water. Song of the Ragged Bear
Fun song that all children learn quickly.

3. Estrellita, where are you? Childish song
One of the first songs that parents and educators teach children when they begin to speak.

4. Shocked my child. Lullaby
A lovely song to help your baby sleep.

5. My donkey. Children's song
Fun song for children to get to know some parts of their body.

6. Origami. A paper frog
Crafts are another hit within the YouTube channel of our site

7. Cu cu, the frog sang. Childish song
A classic that never goes out of style.

8. I have a dairy cow. Childish song
A song with which you will have a great time.

9. Learn how to make a paper boat
This activity is one of the favorites for children and adults.

10. Chicks say peep. Childish song
They say that one of children's favorite animals is chicks, and they are going to be right!

If there are already more than a million people who follow our content, is it for something, right? Don't let them tell you about it and, from today, subscribe to the Youtube channel of our site or tell your acquaintances to do it because we are in fashion!

1. Type in your browser

2. In the search engine that appears, write our site.

3. On the left you will see a bell, click it and you will become part of our family! You will have access to infinite content for free.

And, we cannot stop thanking all the followers: from the first one who clicked on the bell, through the one who just arrived, and also, why not, those who left.

Your interest, enthusiasm and suggestions have not led us to where we are today: the million subscribers of the YouTube channel of We are a great family! Millions of thanks!

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