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Take care of Monk. Children's story to work respect for the environment

Take care of Monk. Children's story to work respect for the environment

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The children of today are the adults of tomorrow. That is why it is so important to introduce them from childhood to ecology and caring for nature. There are many ways to bring children closer to the environment around them: organize excursions, help them discover the flora and fauna ... and read them stories for children such as "Caring for Monk".

Is about a children's story to work on respect for the environment with children and caring for the planet we live on.

Today was the day of the evacuation. All the inhabitants were to leave the planet Monk. For years its rivers were getting drier and drier and there was hardly any water for the little ones. You could no longer leave the house without wearing your masks, because the air was toxic. It was the third planet that humans had to leave behind and find a new place to live. And the thing is, the diseases were getting bigger and bigger.

The ships were ready to take off. However, the Smith family was not going on any journey this time. They did not want to go to another planet to also spoil it. They wanted to restore Monk to all his former glory. They had been working and taking care of it for years, but they were the only ones. They had learned to recycle and not to let the water run if it was not necessary. They wanted to give themselves a chance to fix things. The easy thing was to give up and abandon everything. But they wanted to fight and not be changing planet every few years. Did you know if humanity kept destroying nature soon there would be no corner of the galaxy left to live in.

Now they were alone. There was a lot of work to dor. And although the conditions were very harsh, they soon began to find small gifts from the planet Monk. One day they discovered a tasty tomato that the earth gave them. And before long, every week they were able to pick up a basket of fruits and vegetables. However, the great surprise was to see a cow and a hen appear. In just a few months the meadows were green again and the trees and flowers were also covering the ground.

The Smith family has never been so happy. They discovered that if one takes care of nature, it knows how to give thanks with countless gifts. The rest of humanity had reached the planet Tink who, shortly after, was already beginning to show signs of being ill. Before ordering a new evacuation, those in command looked at Monk and found a new paradise in him. This is how they understood that they should follow the example of the Smith family. Now Monk and Tink were two beautiful planets ideal for living.

Did you enjoy the story? We propose you to start a little debate with your children about the message behind this children's story. It is a good opportunity to talk to children about the need to take care of the environment around us through simple gestures: turn off the light when it is not in use, turn off the water taps, separate the containers, cardboard and glass from the rest of the garbage...

To check that your children have understood the story, we leave you some reading comprehension questions.

1. Why did the inhabitants have to leave Monk?

2. The Smith family did not want to leave, what did they decide to do?

3. Do you remember any of the gifts that nature gave them?

4. What did the rest of the Smith family learn?

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