Children are happy especially playing

Children are happy especially playing

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Playing with our children, even if we do not notice it, makes us special as parents and as people. The game, more than a right, is a necessity throughout all our lives. It is an occasion when children learn the most.

With the game you have fun and with the game you learn ... and a lot! It is learning with which we must stimulate our children to have a fun and pleasant time, and at the same time exercise respect for rules and regulations, knowing how to win or lose, knowing the value of sharing, of working as a team , of friendship. When I was little, my daughter had a hard time learning to lose. She just wanted to win and win, and she put on some "snouts" and an angry face when she couldn't get her efforts to bring her victory. But, with time and with a lot of patience, we managed, together, for her to realize that the most important thing was the game and not just winning.

But, as I said, playing is the oldest, most vital and funniest activity to approach life. The game favors the imagination, fantasy, freedom ... It also costs nothing (or almost). How many games can "come out" of a cardboard box! A house, a tunnel, a theater stage, caves ... And with a ball ... we could not list them! The excitement is always assured with the game. Times are changed, but games, very little. Only the place is changed. Before, we played in the street, on the sidewalks, today, for safety reasons, in more closed places.

Playing is fun and also a good tool to discover, enrich and develop children's abilities. Through play, children learn to overcome life challenges, to dare, and to express good as well as bad feelings and emotions. The game makes them overcome some fears. Fear of falling or taking a bump when learning to ride a bike, or jump rope and obstacles. And as I said at the beginning, the game fosters communication and relationships with people, it motivates us to recognize the other and to put ourselves in their place.

Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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