Hypopressive gymnastics to lose abdomen after pregnancy

Hypopressive gymnastics to lose abdomen after pregnancy

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Losing a belly, that is the wish of thousands of women who see how their abdomen does not return to its place after pregnancy. However, doing a hundred sit-ups a day, running 5 kilometers or submitting to hard aerobic sessions is not easy, nor fun,

So how do you lose gut? Among the methods that are considered most effective is hypopressive gymnastics. It is a calmer, more relaxing and less exhausting method than others. It can be practiced at home and it is enough to be constant to see the results in a few weeks. Experts say that you can lose between 2 and 10 centimeters from the abdomen in 2 months with this method.

The main benefit is the abdominal reduction, but also their exercises help to:

- Prevent urinary incontinence.

- Solves edema in the legs.

- Helps prevent muscle injuries.

- It alleviates cervical or lumbar pain.

- Enhances the feeling of well-being.

- Improves sexual relations.

There are up to 150 different hypopressive gymnastics exercises and various levels of difficulty. Experts recommend starting with an expert to get a good understanding of all the techniques and postures. Later, they can be made in a particular way.

It may seem at first that this gymnastics consists of stuffing the belly so much that even the ribs are marked, but its technique is more complex and is based on performing a series of postures accompanied by a few breaths:

- Position: To be able to perform them correctly, you must have perfect diaphragmatic control. There are several types of postures: standing, supine ulna, and on all fours. In each of them, the arms, head and trunk should be placed in a certain way and an expiratory apnea should be performed.

- Breathing: It is about releasing all the air from the lungs and doing the act of inspiring but without letting the air in. This exercise creates pressure on the abdomen as the gut is pushed in and the viscera rise into the thoracic cavity. In this way, the entire abdominal girdle is worked, and also the pelvic floor.

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