Do we educate a boy the same as a girl?

Do we educate a boy the same as a girl?

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It is very entertaining to watch the behaviors that parents have with our children. Without a doubt, each child has their own identity and personality, and we usually adapt our educational skills to them.

But it seems to me that we are not always equitable with our children: we do not demand the same of boys as we do of girls because we do not expect the same from them, even though we love them equally.

It seems that there are different behaviors, expected and imposed, between boys and girls. As a general rule, boys are encouraged to play more active roles, thus they tend to play more sports than girls and have more action games, girls, on the contrary, are offered more responsible, creative and calm roles . I do not deny that in observing my own children, I have seen a natural predisposition to higher activity in my children, they prefer more active and rough games, while my daughters tend to play more imaginative and relaxed games.

Equal treatment with our children is completely impossible and can even be considered inappropriate, but I believe that we should not fall into inequalities between boys and girls. I see on numerous occasions how there are families that give their male child much more independence than their daughter: the girl remains calm by her side while the child jumps and moves without being noticed. Is this a differentiating natural tendency between boys and girls or is it a repression or lack of concern of the parents for either of them?

There are certain sports that are distinctively offered for boys or girls, such as soccer for boys or dance for girls. And I don't know if it is due to social pressure or fear, but we tend to see with better eyes that the girl enters the field of boys than that boys do it in that of girls; To many parents, it would be very good for our daughter to play soccer, but not for our son to practice dance.

It would put us under suspicion or we would watch cautiously that our son played with the dolls, made up, dressed or combed his sister's barbies, but we would see normal or we would nonchalantly accept that our daughter played car races or action toys. Let us examine ourselves to find out our fears and the expectations we have with our sons or daughters, so that we do not get carried away by prejudices or unfounded fears in their education.

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