Owl-shaped bag. Felt crafts

Owl-shaped bag. Felt crafts

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Does your daughter like bags? Now you can create your own bag at home in a very easy and fun way. On our site we teach you how to make a nice and original bag in the shape of an owl with felt.

Children's crafts are a great way to entertain children while stimulating their imagination and creativity and working on their motor skills.

  • Glue gun
  • Templates
  • Thick pink felt
  • Colored felts
  • Pair of scissors

Tip: we have made a pink owl, but you can use other colors and even make it with eva rubber.

1- Print the templates to make the bag and cut them out: owl template and accessories template

2- Use the body pattern and put it on the pink felt. Cut out two bodies to make both sides of the bag.

3- Cut out the rest of the owl's details using felt of other colors and glue them on one of the bodies.

4- Cut out a piece of pink felt in a rectangular shape and glue it with silicone first on one of the parts of the body and then on the other.

5- Finally, cut out a piece of pink felt that is thinner than the previous one and rectangular in shape and glue it on the ends of the base. It will be the handle. You already have an original owl-shaped bag!

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