My brother. Short poem for children

My brother. Short poem for children

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Poetry invites children to dream, learn, know ... 'My brother' is a nursery rhyme for them to learn about the family.

With poems, children improve their vocabulary, learn about their environment and channel their feelings and emotions. Poetry can be approached to children from the first stages, and that is, even children's songs are poems with music.

My brother until a few days ago

I only knew how to cry and cry

but now he speaks a language

that no one can decipher.

Blabebli… Bloblu

Gildi… Gildi… Blabu.

For me that is Martian

for the strange and for the strange.

My brother before

to meet the year

I only knew how to cry.

Just a few days ago

he began to babble.

Blabebli… Bloblu

Gildi… Gildi… Blabu

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