Cold fried egg. Fun experiments for kids

Cold fried egg. Fun experiments for kids

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Can you fry an egg without using heat? In view of this experiment, it seems so! our site teaches, step by step, to surprise children with a simple experiment to fry an egg cold.

In this experiment you will see how the albumin in the egg reacts with the alcohol making the egg appear fried. Be careful, it is not edible! But it is a very fun way to teach science to children through experiments with eggs.

  • 1 egg
  • 1 deep plate or platter
  • Pharmacy alcohol

Tips: Watch the children as the appearance of the egg will be very tempting, but it is not edible since we must use 96º alcohol.

1. Pour the alcohol onto the plate until it is half full, being careful not to touch your hands so that the children do not put it in their mouths.

2. Carefully crack the egg on top of the plate, making sure that the yolk does not break.

3. Let the egg rest for about 10 minutes, you will see how it is frying little by little and the white remains white.