Games for nervous and agitated children

There are many types of children: calm, sagacious, reserved, communicative, restless ..., a single adjective is insufficient to describe a child, but it helps us to look for patterns of action: counteract attitudes, stimulate actions, avoid future problems, etc. .

For example, we should not treat a child with a strong character the same as another who is calmer or calmer ..., each child is different and we should try not to aggravate very marked behaviors through different games and treatments.

There are many parents who are overwhelmed by a restless or nervous child. Sometimes, they look with envy at parents who have calmer children, because they tend to be easier to focus and whose demand for their parents' attention is usually less, but perhaps because of this they are also more apathetic. The nervous child, on the other hand, usually has a good availability for play and inexhaustible activity. We must guide and choose their games and activities in order to counteract their natural nervousness and agitation with relaxation and tranquility.

For children with these high doses of restlessness and energy, we must offer them appropriate activities and games to provide them with fun, relaxation or stillness. I have met children who are even more nervous about games! If they were already upset before they started playing, then they can climb the walls.

The most suitable games for active children are those that are framed by a natural scenery: walks through the countryside to catch pine cones, leaves, chestnuts, stones ..., hunt butterflies or grasshoppers, throw stones into the river, build ant hills, climb peaks, enjoy the snow, play with the sand, play with the water, perform sports such as playing ball, jumping rope ..., games that tire you and with which you can release your energy without making you nervous.

As during the week we cannot go out to the field, and they must play at home, they can paint the collected pineapples, classify the stones, make collages with the leaves, take care of the collected critters ... activities that motivate them and at the same time be restful. The crafts for these children are the hand of a saint, it keeps them busy in a quiet environment and they satisfy their need for activity with the manipulation of scissors, cardboard, colors, paints, ribbons ...

To tame their beasts, many moms have this idea of ‚Äč‚Äčteaching their children to perform these manual tasks, and also encouraging them to help with household chores such as sweeping or cleaning the dust. They channel their desire to move and to be busy in an orderly and calm manner.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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