Gifts for First Communion

We are in May, June ... and you have been invited to a First Communion, and you do not know what to give the boy or the girl. I think that the important thing at this time is not what is going to be given, but the memory, that is, something that lasts in time and in the memory of children as the memory of this day.

I think that the celebration of First Communion has changed a lot over time. I still remember the little bible with a mother-of-pearl cover, the pearl rosary, and the seawater earrings and the cord with a small medal that they gave me. Today gifts are much more alternative and expensive. Digital photo holders, mini stereo systems, electronic games, designer clothes, and even computers, televisions, watches and jewelry are given away. Many prefer to give away money so that the child and their parents decide with what to spend it.

I find the personalized gifts they make today very interesting. I refer to the ideas that arise from those who give away, such as books with stories in which they include the boy or girl, a course on something that attracts the child, a photo frame with the child's name and the date of engraved communion, a personalized agenda, a pen with the child's name, or tickets to a park or show. Here we suggest a list of gifts, some original and others more traditional that children might like:

For girls:
- Personalized agenda or a diary
- A stuffed animal or a doll
- Educational games or puzzles
- Photo holder or an album
- A watch or some jewel (ring, medals, bracelet)
- Photo camera
- Clothes or books

For children:
- Games for the play station
- An mp3
- A soccer or basketball ball
- Books
- Engraved pens or pens
- A watch or a gold medal
- Sports clothing or shoes

And if you still have doubts, the best thing is to talk to the child himself and his parents and ask them directly what they want. Perhaps, with so many expenses that they are going to have, they may need some financial support.

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