Legends of Greek mythology for kids

Legends of Greek mythology for kids

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Legends are ancient stories, which have traveled the length and breadth of time to reach us. They are usually stories full of fantasy and with some final message or moral.

The Greek mythology it is full of appealing legends for children. Once adapted for children, it surely encourages them to dream, to imagine with fantastic worlds and to consider the why of many things. has prepared a selection of short legends, told as a children's story. All of them are based on stories from Greek mythology. Stories full of fantastic characters. Have your children ever heard the story of Penelope and her infinite patience and faithfulness? And do you know why mermaids are dangerous? Here you will find fascinating stories.

Fantastic characters. Tales adapted for children from Greek mythology. Greek mythology offers us fascinating stories, starring fantastic characters that awaken and stimulate the imagination of children. our site has selected short stories and legends for children.

Legends with values. Greek mythology is full of fantastic stories full of imagination. Once adapted for children, it can be a fabulous tool to transmit values ​​such as vanity, perseverance or patience. our site has selected stories from Greek mythology for children.

Legends of Nature. A fantastic selection of stories from Greek mythology adapted for children. Legends for children about Ulysses, Achilles, the minotaur ... Stories that talk about the why of things to children. The reason for the Universe, the seasons, the sea, the mountains.

Tale of the Big Dipper. Legends of Greek mythology. The constellation of the Big Dipper hides a tragic story of love and infidelity. Tell this legend from Greek mythology to your older children. The legend of the Big Dipper, a constellation also known as the Great Spoon or the Greater Car. Legends of Greek mythology for children.

The legend of Pegasus .. Pegasus is in the autumn sky. On our site we tell you his legend, a beautiful Greek tale. Pegasus was the only winged horse in the world, and it was destined to carry the rays of the king of the Greek gods Zeus. Greek mythology for children.

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