Prometheus: how men got fire

Prometheus: how men got fire

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Greek mythology is a great source of legends but also of culture and history, that is why it is important for children to know it. In Guiainfantil we are adapting mythology in the form of short stories for children to learn and have fun.

This time we go with the titan Prometheus, who stole fire from the gods to give it to humans. The matter was not forgotten and Zeus punished Prometheus for a long time.

There was a time when humanity lived subject to the whims of the gods. They lived in caves, fed on the fruits of the trees and spent the day walking from one place to another so as not to be cold. And the thing is that fire had not yet been invented for heating or cooking. Well, actually fire was invented, but the secret of fire was only known to the gods.

The God Zeus He was delighted because if men did not have fire, they could do little for themselves and thus they still needed the gods. What Zeus did was deny them Progress to men, prevent them from being civilized. But one good day Prometheus he got fed up with the situation and changed the rules of the game.

I promise I was not a god, not a mortal, not a hero. It was a titan with enormous strength and intelligence that was also a friend of mortals. He wanted humanity to be able to fend for itself and begin to progress, to invent things in order to live better. And the basic element they needed was fire.

It was the day that Prometheus was found Zeus taking a nap on Olympus. Zeus had a small fire next to him that he did not allow anyone to approach. When Prometheus realized that Zeus was so sound asleep that he was even snoring, he hurried. He picked up a branch from a tree and held it close to the fire. The branch burned and Prometheus shot out to deliver the fire to the men.

The rest was easy, because the men took the burning branch that he gave them Prometheus and with it they were able to make many bonfires around the world so that it would never go out. But when Zeus He woke up from his nap and saw all mankind warming up and cooking, got angry and looked for the culprit to punish him.

"Who stole my fire?" Zeus yelled. And the scream resounded throughout the world.

"It was me," said Prometheus, who was not willing to let others pay his punishment.

And the punishment was harsh. Zeus chained Prometheus to a rock, far away in the Caucasus. Although the titan had great strength, he could not release himself from the chains, but the worst torture was that an eagle he would arrive at dawn to eat Prometo's liver. At night the liver regenerated and the next morning it started again with the eagle's breakfast.

So it was I promise years, decades and centuries. And everyone asked Zeus to lift his punishment, but Zeus would not give in because he was still angry with Prometheus. The hero had to come Hercules, who passed through that rock by chance, to free Prometheus from his chains, although Zeus never again spoke to the titan who stole the fire.

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