How to protect children on the Internet

How to protect children on the Internet

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The use of Internet it arises naturally in children. Since they are babies and before learning to talk or walk, they can handle a tablet or smartphone almost with more skill than their parents.

Of course, this has both advantages and disadvantages. The Internet is an excellent educational resource and information search, but there are dangers, especially derived from the use of social networks, that we must know.

We leave you a complete guide of tips to know how to teach children to use the Internet in a responsible and safe way, as well as tips to avoid problems such as bullying and cyberbullying.

Safe Internet for children. International Safe Internet Day. Connect and respect. Celebration that has the purpose of stopping cyberbullying or cyberbullying, as well as pedophilia on the Net. Safe Internet Day, "Safer Internet Day" is an event organized by the European Commission to prevent harassment of children, adolescents and adults on the Internet. It is celebrated on February 6 in 2018.

Internet and other technologies. How Children Can Safely Surf the Internet. The journalist Eva Martín, an expert in new technologies, gives an exclusive interview to our site about the risks of the Internet for children, and how parents can protect their children on the Internet.

Learn to navigate safely. We tell you how to teach children to learn to surf safely on the Internet. Learning to navigate safely on the Internet is essential for children because the Internet already offers so many open and pop-up windows that it is dangerous to let children stand in front of a computer and start surfing without judgment.

Internet as a resource network for children. We should learn to see the Internet as a resource network for children. Let's get everything positive that the Internet offers us. New technologies and children. Almost before starting school, many children feel a great attraction to new technologies: consoles, computers, mp3 players, mobile phones.

Children's internet access. How to control children's access to the Internet, so that they enjoy its benefits and protect themselves from the risks that exist on the Internet. How to guarantee the safety of children when browsing the Internet. Tips for parents to control children's access and navigation on the Web.

The danger of posting photos of children on the Internet. Why shouldn't we post photos of our children on social media. Many parents have published a photo of our children, on social networks, many times driven by the desire that others tell us how handsome they are or how big they are. However, before posting any photo of a child on a social network, think about it.

Grooming and bullying of children online. Grooming children and bullying children on the Internet. How child grooming begins and how to fight child grooming. Risks for children in social networks. Sexual harassment of children on social networks is more common than we think, so we want to inform you of the danger that your children are on social networks.

Child pornography on the Internet. How to combat child pornography on the Internet, cyberbullying and pedophilia. How to control and track these types of practices and to educate and educate parents and children on this issue. The Internet has become the first distributor of child pornography videos and photos.

Parental filters on the Internet. Parental filters and their use to control children on the Internet. Parental filters allow parents to know in detail how children use the Internet.

The risks of the Internet and Social Networks. There are many risks that children run when browsing the Internet if they do not follow the advice of safe browsing and have not received correct information about the dangers and traps that lie in wait for them. We give you essential advice that children should follow on social networks.

All about child cyberbullying. How to prevent cyberbullying. Tips to protect children on the internet. School bullying through the internet, how to avoid child bullying on social networks. Protect children from cyberbullying

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