Baby meals at the Infant School

Baby meals at the Infant School

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Today's work hours and the hectic pace of cities make leaving children to eat at daycare a necessity. Let's start to analize how meals are made in the first cycle of early childhood education.

Here are some of the most important points regarding your child's meals at daycare:

- One of the most important points is to differentiate each child and to know their needs. During the first 3 years, children begin by eating breast milk and end up eating all kinds of foods. We must make a calendar with the introduction of food for each child. As well as a follow-up of the foods that you are trying and if they cause you any allergies. More and more children develop allergies in the first years of life. Although luckily in many cases it disappears in a short period of time.

- It is very important that we try to instill healthy eating habits as well as good manners when doing so. We will try to get them to try different flavors and textures.

- The dining room must be a space designated for it and with the necessary elements so that the children are comfortable. Tables to suit you, chairs, cutlery and dishes for children. We will avoid glass elements.

- Another important phase is that they learn to eat by themselves. We must encourage them to take the spoon and get dirty. Since this is how little by little they will gain skill in the movements of their hands.

It's amazing how some children may eat totally different at daycare than at home. This is normal. Since the environment is very different. By eating with more children their age, they encourage each other and make them want to achieve new goals. Although we must not forget that not all children eat the same, there are children who eat and need a lot, and others who eat little. The most important thing is that they try different foods and do not close themselves to any flavor that we offer them. Later the child will create his personal tastes about food.

In today's nurseries, we find two systems in meals: own kitchen and catering. Both are good methods. Depending more on the quality of the center. Although little by little, catering is being implemented in more centers. The quality, the controls to which the catering are subjected, the variety in the menus and the comfort for the center, make it a very good option.

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