Give or read a book to your child

Give or read a book to your child

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Although it seems that turning the pages of a book can bore a child, thinking that is wrong. Although the book does not make you jump, run, ... it will give wings to your imagination, your emotions, knowledge, and what is better, it will provide you with one of the most enriching habits for you: reading.

Why not give the children a book? Reading is an alternative that also allows you to enjoy and develop an activity together.

Sharing interests, information, stories, stories ... Reading contributes to the development of mechanisms such as understanding, language and communication, and helps in the formation of children's thoughts.

Before speaking, children listen to and understand language. Well, before speaking, children can also understand written language.

Reading favors many social skills. It allows to understand different worlds, create an attitude of empathy towards the other, and introduces the child to the world of science and critical thinking.

Reading with children is good for many reasons:

1- Helps increase vocabulary and knowledge

2- Teaches how to construct sentences and consider punctuation marks

3- Reason to read

4- It favors correct pronunciation.

In order for the child to feel motivated to read, the book must also be interesting for his parents. Let him tell a story that makes him feel different emotions, know different realities, and that allows him to reflect on it.

The younger the child, the more the story in the book will have to look like. A book must be visually attractive, with suggestive illustrations, clear, and rich in formats and colors. Something like a box of surprises, in which children can find humor, fantasy, mysteries, legends, and a sea of ​​tales and stories.

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