Tricks to remove grass stains from children's jeans or jeans

Spend a most pleasant day with our children in the grass, in the park or in the field is something unique. However, many times we come home to find that there are inevitably stains on his jeans that will hardly come off if we just put them in the washing machine.

Therefore, it is necessary that we know certain homemade tricks and natural remedies so that we can remove them so that they can use it again and again and the clothes are perfect.

The first thing we have to know, as with all kinds of home remedies, is what products We have to count before putting these garments in question in the washing machine. It is recommended that we know it because many times we will not be at home and we will not be able to take everything we would do in our home.

To begin with, we have to bear in mind that to remove a grass stain or grass from a cowboy of our son, we should have on hand, not necessarily everything together: milk, a brush like the one we can use to clean shoes, baking soda, detergent soap and lemon.

With all the ingredients that we have seen previously, we can carry out different homemade tricks to easily remove grass stains:

- The milk trick: once we have located the stain, we can apply a splash of milk, and with the help of a towel, or if we have the famous shoe brush at hand, we rub with determination. This will help it to thin.

- Baking soda before the washing machine: If we have baking soda on hand, we can carry out the same process to remove all those annoying lawn or grass marks once and for all.

- Lemon and detergent: Using the detergent with which we usually wash clothes, and gently adding a lemon squirt natural, the stain will come out in a much easier way.

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