The bonding of parents with the baby

It is essential that the mother / future parents provide important support on the way to motherhood / fatherhood in the way of getting involved with the baby, leaving no preparation for the birth they receive, in the merely physical aspect and in the acquisition skills for such care.

We now know that the fetus is a creature with sensory, motor, social and cognitive capacities and it is vital that its parents know how to communicate that they are already protecting it and that it is welcome.

The bond with the baby, with the appropriate balance between the cognitive and affective and in the right amount and way, will help the future baby, not only in a better intellectual development but also in an adequate development of their relationships with the environment and others . It will also help future parents, promoting their individual well-being and, in the case of couples, to enhance and strengthen emotional ties, their harmony and cohesion. Especially in the case of couples, it can be very flattering to have a space for dialogue where to share mutual feelings, concerns, doubts ...

Therefore, reserving time a day to dedicate to the baby, in a plane of communication and enjoyment, of sharing a quiet moment to mentally tell the future child that he / she is to be born, what they would tell him if he were already in front of them , the illusion they have or the anxiety it produces, but especially their desire for everything to work out well, can be very flattering.

Here are a series of tips to strengthen the bond with your baby:

1. By keeping a diary / Letter to the baby:

Writing a few minutes a day about the pregnancy, the feelings and the sincere sensations it produces in the future mother / father, is very useful to connect with the baby. Shaping that inner dialogue helps to clarify the thoughts and emotions that this period of experience produces. The woman's way of expressing herself is completely free and can complement the writing with drawings that express in more detail her state at that time. Sometimes future mothers prefer to write in a format more similar to a letter addressed to their future child, where they capture everything that happens around the pregnancy.

2. Visualizations in pregnancy:

Visualization is the process of invoking sensory experiences in the field of consciousness. Visualization work allows you to fully connect with the body and with the baby. These visualizations can be done in a guided way, attending to the pregnancy and focused on it, such as visualizing the baby inside the womb, visualizing the moment of delivery or the baby's upbringing or they can be stories that have nothing to do with pregnancy but if they produce a feeling of well-being and relaxation in women.

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