How to choose the most suitable clothes for my baby

How to choose the most suitable clothes for my baby

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I have never been a big fan of fashion, I almost always follow my own style and try to adapt it to current trends. In the case of my baby something similar has happened, I was clear about the type of clothing I wanted for her, but above all I was clear that above all it would be comfortable and functional, depending on her age. Hence, today I bring you some of the clothes that I think are basic and essential for my baby during the first months.

Actually in this stage of babies, in which they barely have mobility, the clothes we choose, it has to be comfortable and that it allows, that when it begins to carry out movements the clothes facilitate it.

There is one thing that annoys me supremely above all else, and that is when I put on a sweater or T-shirt with a very narrow neck and cannot comfortably stick my head out. Well imagine that in a baby. Babies already don't like to have their clothes put on or taken off their heads. So it is much better that we put clothes that open, Either in front, or behind or on the side, so as not to have to do it from the head.

In addition, this type of clothing allows you to change diapers more comfortably. In general, all this clothing has to be as soft and comfortable as possible and not have labels or seams that may annoy or irritate you, and try to avoid clothing that has zippers, so that no pinching occurs.

At bedtime, the pajamas or squjamas of a lifetime are the most comfortable for the baby, much more than the two-piece ones, more than anything because with the 'two pieces' their feet are exposed and we would have to put on socks, which are easily removed. You can also use the 'blanket-sleeping bags' which is a sack in which you put the baby and forget that it uncovers.

Socks and footwear: Currently we dress babies from head to toe, and pun intended. In stores you can find a lot of footwear and very different. In fact, this type of footwear is more decorative than anything else because at this age they do not walk so try, at least, that these shoes leave their feet warm.

Beanies or hats: If your baby is born in summer, try not to get too much sun, but when you go out, protect his head with a wide-brimmed hat so that he does not get the sun in his eyes. If your baby is born in winter, use soft and very warm hats that do not itch and cover the dark circles well, and thus protect their ears.

And finally point out one thing, although this, as everything goes according to taste. Denim garments are very cute, with them babies are very handsome, because they look like little men or women, but let's not fool ourselves, if they are sometimes uncomfortable for us, imagine for them. Whether they move or not, They are not the best garment for babies. Denim overalls usually have buckles that go up and can hit them in the face. The skirts or dresses as they do not adapt to the body, they go up already at the end almost always go with the butt in the air.

The most important thing is comfort and no, they go fashion, they will have time for that, make life easier for your baby.

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