How the Milky Way was formed. Short Legends of Greek Mythology

We like to tell stories of mythology to the little ones because in these legends pills of universal wisdom are hidden. In Guiainfantil We are adapting Greek mythology in the form of short legends for children, so that they learn and have fun at the same time.

This time we tell how the Milky Way, a grouping of stars that we can contemplate in the sky on summer nights. In the legend of the Milky Way the gods of Olympus intervene and also one of the best known Greek heroes, Hercules.

One of the strangest customs of the Greek gods was to have children with people who were not their partners. The king of the gods, Zeus, fell madly in love with a mortal, Alcmene, and from that love was born the most famous Greek hero of all time, the strong and courageous Hercules.

Since birth Hercules he had problems and had to face many dangers. And is that the wife of Zeus, Hera, she was quite angry that her husband was going to have a baby with another woman. Hera delayed the delivery of Alcmene all she could to see if she could keep the baby from being born, but eventually she had to give in and nature won.

When Alcmene gave birth to a precious and very special baby, gods and mortals rejoiced at the birth of a hero. They all went to congratulate the happy mother and the happiness in that house was immense. Until one day Hera came down from Olympus with very bad intentions. He wanted to get rid of Hercules, he wanted the baby to disappear and he hatched an evil plan.

Without anyone seeing her, Hera approached the baby's crib Hercules and put two snakes in it that supposedly would end the baby's life. But it was not like that. After all, heroes are heroes because they have tremendous strength from birth. And it was the baby Hercules, only a few weeks old, who managed to kill the snakes.

From that moment on, all the gods fell in love with this special baby who would one day be a hero and wanted to protect him from Hera's evils. It was the mischievous Hermes who wanted to turn Hercules into an immortal being. So one afternoon that Hera She was totally asleep, she brought the baby to the breast of the goddess to suck the immortal milk.

At that moment, Hera woke up horrified that she was about to breastfeed the baby she hated the most and slapped him away. The milk spilled out and floated in the sky turned into stars like a cotton bow that is clearly displayed on summer nights. Is the Milky Way, the milk that Hera prevented Hercules from drinking.

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