10 fun and easy snacks for kids

10 fun and easy snacks for kids

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Easy appetizers, entrees and canapes for birthday parties


Many times we do not know how to give vegetables to children. Guiainfantil proposes a quick and simple recipe: zucchini and cheese rolls, ideal for family celebrations. This recipe is very easy to prepare and children can help us in its preparation. Together, we can have a great time with our children in the kitchen.

Zucchini and cheese rolls, step by step, HERE.

This appetizer is very easy to prepare. All you need is cherry tomatoes and mozarella cheese balls. To make it, you have to wash and cut the cherry tomatoes and arrange them on the cheese balls. A few specks of cheese on the tomato will give the final touch.

These spirals take less than 10 minutes to prepare, making them ideal for a quick snack. You can leave them done and bake later for 15 minutes at the moment, it is an ideal recipe to cook with children, and they will surely love its flavor.

These savory palmeritas are made with puff pastry and also have ham and cheese. We teach you to do them step by step and to give it that characteristic shape.

To make this fun canapé you have to cut a sausage in half. Roll cheese with the sausage and leave one end to make the head of the snail.

To make this appetizer you need puff pastry, tuna and grated cheese. It is a very simple recipe to cook with children, in a few minutes you will have ready a crunchy and rich dish that you can leave prepared and heat it a little in the oven before serving.

Kids love appetizers. And what better idea than to make them this fun and curious canapé of mice made of eggs, on a bed of tomatoes, pepperoni and lettuce?

A very simple idea to make with children, for snack or dinner. An easy and highly recommended recipe for children to take their first steps in the kitchen.

To prepare this recipe we have followed the classic step by step of a hamburger, but we have done it using a small bun and we have cooked dwarf hamburgers. We have completed it with cheese and tomato.

To make this appetizer you need Mozzarella or Edam cheese. Then you will have to coat the balls that you have previously made with cheese and egg and fry them after coating them in breadcrumbs. You can present them strung on sticks.