Boy with Asperger writes and publishes a book

Boy with Asperger writes and publishes a book

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Alexandre Beaulieu Lynch, a boy of just 11 years old, and with Asperger Syndrome, writes a book to help an association for people with this disorder.

This book shows that Asperger Syndrome does not limit intellectual abilities, but rather that it is a conduct disorder.

Despite all the difficulties, essentially social, that children with Asperger's may have, their intellectual capacity is normal and they have endless values ​​that can be demonstrated, for example, with this challenge that made possible the publication of the book 'My goldfish se ate my cat '(' My Goldfish ate my Cat '). The book tells an adventure story, of a fish that dreams of eating a cat. It highlights some of the strengths of children with Asperger Syndrome, such as their creativity and their unique perspective on the world. Can a fish eat a cat?

The story began as a school project, when Alexandre's teachers asked him to write something surprising. With the help of his family, and on the occasion of the annual Literacy and Learning Day, which promotes methods to improve the education of children, in Canada, Lynch managed to publish a first edition with a thousand copies of those that have already been sold more than 80. Its price is only symbolic, about 80 cents of euros. The author of the book lives in Alberta, Canada. He has a younger brother, a dog named Bo, whom he trains profusely, is fond of snowboarding, and cares about the environment. Although the book has not yet been translated into Spanish, we want to draw the attention, mainly of parents of children who suffer from Asperger's, that their children are noble, have a great heart, are faithful, and very capable. There is no reason to underestimate them.

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