Vision care during pregnancy

Vision care during pregnancy

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A pregnancy involves a series of important transformations, not only emotionally, but also physically. It is known that to guarantee the development of pregnancy it is advisable to lead a healthy life, but also, extra care is needed. It is the case of the eye health, which can be affected during the gestation period. So we have done a review of vision care during pregnancy.

- Dry eyes It is very common during pregnancy to notice a certain dryness in the eyes due to hormonal fluctuations. It is a discomfort that will surely disappear after delivery, but it should be treated so as not to increase its severity. Eye drops will be of great help to relieve dry eyes, but remember to consult your doctor beforehand. You can also help yourself through food to promote moisture in the eye by eating foods rich in Omega 3.

- Blurry vision. Blurred vision in pregnancy is one of the most common eye problems. It can also happen that you see double or that spots appear in your field of vision. It can be a symptom of hypertension and occurs especially in new mothers and in multiple pregnancies. In any case, if you notice blurred vision in your pregnancy, you should go to the doctor and when before.

- Eye edema If in addition to blurred vision you have severe headaches and your eyelids are swollen, you should go to the ophthalmologist to rule out eye edema. All these symptoms can appear as a consequence of fluid retention, but it is worth ensuring your eye health during pregnancy.

- Previous illnesses. Some previous diseases such as hypertension, diabetes or glaucoma require extra care during pregnancy so as not to endanger eye health. If you follow the care that your doctor and your ophthalmologist recommend, after delivery you will regain your normal vision.

- Eye infections Especially common during pregnancy is conjunctivitis, which can be treated with home remedies such as cold tea bags by applying them on the eyelids, without excluding a visit to the doctor.

- Myopia. It is above all the retina that experiences the most abrupt changes as a result of pregnancy. That is why it is not strange that if you already had myopia before getting pregnant you see how it has increased considerably. It can also happen that it is during pregnancy when myopia appears. In these cases, you also have to be very careful, because the risk of retinal detachment is very high.

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