Tooth breakage Interview with Gustavo Camañas

Tooth breakage Interview with Gustavo Camañas

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Many parents wonder what to do when, after a fall or an accidental blow, their child suffers a tooth break or one of them falls off and is thrown out of the mouth. Gustavo Camañas, dentist, explains how we should act in each case.

What should parents do when our child suffers a fall and breaks a tooth?
The first thing to do is go to the emergency room to the dentist. Many parents think that if the tooth is a milk tooth and it does not hurt, nothing happens because the final one comes later, but what they do not know is that the trauma to the milk tooth can affect the permanent tooth.

What happens when a break occurs in a baby tooth?
The child will cry a lot at first, but then it stops hurting for two to three days. This is a characteristic latency stage due to the absence of pain and the appearance of changes. If the tooth changes color and, after two or three days, turns black or has a dark color, we are facing pulp necrosis, that is, the tooth is dead. When dental tissue rots, it will always affect the tooth that comes after it, that is, the final tooth. Therefore, you always have to go to the dentist after a fall to prevent problems with your permanent teeth, especially if the baby tooth changes color or a fistulite or granite appears on the gum.

What is the prognosis for a permanent tooth breakage in a still developing denture?
The prognosis is not as bad as it may seem because we have all the weapons to try to save it. Normally, it tends to only break one third and when it affects one of the peaks, it is easily rebuilt with composite, which is the material that dentists use to make fillings. When the breakage affects the dentin, it will surely require root canal treatment or endodontics, as long as the root of the tooth is fully formed. If it is not completely formed, a picoformation is usually carried out, which consists of putting a product inside the root to accelerate its formation and, when it is already formed, we perform the root canal treatment.

What precautions should we take when the child falls and the tooth is thrown out of the mouth?
In this case, the urgency is extreme because it has been proven that, after half an hour or a maximum of an hour, if that tooth is not re-implanted in the mouth, the degree of success is considerably reduced and we can lose it. . This case is very common, since a simple blow can cause a permanent tooth to slip out of its place and literally fall to the ground. What is there to do?

If the child is at school, it is convenient to pick up the tooth and put it in milk. Quickly call the parents or take the child to the nearest dental center for a reimplantation. The tooth should never be cleaned with soap and water because the tooth has its root covered by the periodontal ligaments and these cannot be touched because if they are lost they cannot be reimplanted. In the event that it is the father or mother who picks up the tooth, it is advisable for them to insert it into their mouth and keep it under the tongue because saliva performs a very good protective action. Time is money in this case to have a good forecast.

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