How the child's personality is formed

How the child's personality is formed

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At present, we say that the personality is the set of psychic characteristics of the individual that define their cognitive, emotional, behavioral patterns, attitudes and habits. In addition, they show some stability and persistence over time.

The formation of the personality of the individual is not a specific event or that depends on a single factor, but rather it is an uninterrupted process and responds to a process of evolution throughout the life cycle of the individual. However, the early stages are crucial for its structure and further development.

There are many factors that influence the development of the child's personality, but we especially have to take into account:

- Inheritance: It is the most stable and unchangeable part of the individual, we refer to the most genetic aspects of the individual's personality.

- Environment: In this area we find all the emotional and sensitive aspects of the person, the way of interpreting the experiences they live and the educational, cultural and social context that surrounds them. Within the environment field, we can highlight:

1. Values ​​and beliefs: Values ​​are passed on by parents from generation to generation and shape the rules and norms that will shape their behavior. They are essential in the formation of the child's personality.

2. Affective experiences: Each individual, even within the same family, experiences events differently, this depends on the interpretation they make of them. That is why the brothers, even living the same situations, interpret them differently. One child can be affected more than another by certain experiences.

3. Attachment bond: Interactions that parents establish with their children in the early stages of their development, when they are still dependent and require emotional security for the subsequent development of their emotions. The affective bond that is generated in the first months of the baby's life also influences the child's personality.

4. Socialization: Skills that are developed in the early stages of our existence to relate to others in different contexts.

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