Puppet lizard. Recycling crafts for kids

Puppet lizard. Recycling crafts for kids

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This children's craft will awaken the imagination and creativity of children. It is ideal to teach it to children at a birthday party or any other children's celebration.

This time, proposes a very easy craft to do with children. Using an old sock you can make this nice lizard puppet. Then you just have to play with it and make up stories. This activity is very creative for children, who also have a toy as a communication aid.

  • A bright colored or striped sock (like the one we have chosen), which is not too big, to be able to open and close the puppet well.
  • Two large pompoms and two small ones (of the colors that you like the most).
  • Two white pipe cleaners
  • Glue.
  • Pair of scissors
  • A little piece of red felt

1. Glue the 2 large pom poms on top of the toe of the sock and the small pom poms over the large ones to make the lizard's eyes.

2. Cut a piece of pipe cleaner, twist it, and glue it over the seam to make the lizard's mouth.

3. Cut 2 pieces of pipe cleaners the same size and form 2 rings. Glue them to both sides of the eyes.

4. Cut a rectangle out of red felt to make the tongue. Make 2 points on one side. Glue the tongue to the snake under the sock, between the toe and heel.

5. Reach into the sock. Place 4 fingers on the tip and thumb on the heel. When you open your hand, the lizard's mouth will open!

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