Rugeles poetry for children

Rugeles poetry for children

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Manuel Felipe Rugeles, Venezuelan poet and journalist, was born on August 30 in San Cristóbal, Venezuela. He studied in Colombia, where he lived as a political exile. As a journalist he collaborated in several newspapers and magazines in Caracas. He founded and directed the Children's Magazine 'Pico-Pico' and wrote for the American press.

In Buenos Aires he formed a kind of literary group. In 1945 he won the municipal prize for poetry and the National Prize for Literature, among many others. Rugeles died on November 4, 1959 in Caracas.

In Guiainfantil we have selected several children's poems by Manuel Felipe Rugeles so you can read them with your children during free time.

Real parrot. Lorito real, a poem by Manuel Felipe Rugeles to encourage reading among children. Classic nursery rhymes to educate. The poetic voice of Rugeles.

Pearl. Perla, a poem by Manuel Felipe Rugeles to encourage reading among children. Nursery rhymes to educate. Simple literature for children.

The cow that I milk. Ay, la vaquita de mildeño, a poem written by Manuel Felipe Rugeles and aimed at children. Early childhood education through reading. Poetry to read between parents and children.

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