Dream of flying. Children's Dream Interpretation

Dream of flying. Children's Dream Interpretation

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How many times have we got up in the morning and remembered that we had spent the whole night flying? Either at ground level, or perhaps flying over buildings, or in the purest Matrix style. Undoubtedly, it is a very recurrent dream theme in all people, and it not only happens to adults, but it also has to do with children.

In the early years of childhood, it is quite common for children to wake up with a start when they have dreamed of flying, since in general they are usually the most pleasant dreams, which they relate to having magical powers like their favorite superheroes. But really, What does it mean for a child to dream of flying?

If there is something that instantly comes to mind when we wonder what meaning a flight can have in the dream, we usually come to the same conclusion as if this happened in real life: an unmatched feeling of Liberty. This also happens to children, and of course, when asked what magical power they would stay with if possible, it is quite recurrent that the answer is an energetic: fly!

But really, how can we explain to our children what it means that flight is in their nocturnal imagination? To begin with, if for an adult flying would mean get out of trouble and expressing a unique feeling away from stress and everyday life, for a child this entails a situation of total enjoyment, where they move away from the things they live every day and can travel beyond their own imagination.

Of course, those within the child are good omens, since these types of dreams contain an enjoyment that occurs in the child himself as soon as he closes his eyes.

All the interpretations about dreams that are related to flying have a common meaning, which in addition to being related to freedom and the feeling of not having problems or worries, also has a positive reading that has to do with happiness and pure imagination. , in addition to success.

While for an adult dreaming of flying can symbolize that flight from reality towards a better world -or circumstances-, for a child it only has good and positive meanings, since it is related, in addition to the Liberty of which we spoke before, with the happiness that flying generates even if only in dreams.

Success is another of its meanings for childhood dreams, since studies reveal that if you dream of flying over a beautiful landscape, then all the goals you are looking for will be achieved. In the case of children, your objectives are built on a small scale but that does not mean they are less important.

But above all what must be taken into account when our son tells us that he has dreamed that he was flying, is the concept of overflowing creativity and imagination that children already have, can be seen reflected in the little ones who at night they become real flyers.

Depending on how exactly they fly, another type of meaning can also be interpreted in your childhood dreams. It is always said that if they wear angel wings, that is, white, then happiness will be even more implicit. If in addition, he is flying with beautiful bird wings, or directly to the sun, the child will also be going with his mind towards the better goals that I can find.

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