Mom, what's the use of sleeping?

Mom, what's the use of sleeping?

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Guess the riddle. What don't you know what beats everyone? My little boy asked me yesterday. For a moment, my mind went to fictional characters of great strength, then I began to think about natural catastrophes and, as time passed, and I was not right, he said to me: - Are you giving up? - It's the dream.

'Of course. The dream conquers the whole world, 'I replied. 'But what's the use of sleeping? It seems like a waste of time to me, 'he continued. So, I explained to him that sleeping we don't waste time because it is necessary for the mind and also for the body. Therest has multiple functions. While we sleep, the organism displays an intense activity, although we do not realize it.

It even serves to grow and for parents to see our children a little taller every day. Sleep is a fundamental biological activity in all mammals, particularly humans, which fulfills multiple functions. For this reason, it is explained that we sleep approximately the third part of our lives.

Thanks to the rest, we recover energy that we lose with the different activities we carry out throughout the day. And it is that during sleep replenish various hormones, the production of antibodies, the growth hormone that, in addition to regulating the harmonious development of children, influences the healing of wounds, the repair of tissues and the function of some vital organs.

Sleep also helps the central nervous system matures in young children and subsequently the brain receives its maintenance dose by resting some circuits while others are tested. In this way, various areas of the brain are activated and deactivated or their functions are altered. Tiredness and rest are the adverse and the reverse of the same coin.

Fatigue is a alarm signal that the brain sends us and when it sounds we must go to sleep so that the body recovers its vitality. In children, in addition, the tremendous wear and tear that growing up means is added, therefore, a good rest is absolutely essential.

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