Puppet sock. Recycling craft for kids

Puppet sock. Recycling craft for kids

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When children grow up we have a lot of clothes that are too small quickly and end up in the trash or given away. One of the most abundant garments are socks, which we can turn into a nice puppet.

Thus we will teach children to reuse materials, recycling or using them to make children's crafts as nice as this fun puppet, with a little imagination you can make a very original character.

  • A striped or polka dot sock
  • Red felt
  • Black felt
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Needle
  • Red thread
  • Cotton
  • Pencil

1. Take the sock by the toe, with the scissors make a cut of about 3 cm. of length.

2. Draw an oval on the red felt, about 8 cm. long approximately. Trim it carefully.

3. Turn the sock over, place the felt oval over the opening that we have made in the toe and sew it carefully with the help of a needle and thread. You can also stick it with a glue that is strong or special for fabrics, so that it does not come loose.

4. Make two cotton balls. Cut out two circles of black felt and glue them on the balls to make the eyes of the puppets.

5. Put a little glue on the balls, at the bottom, and stick them in the sock, above the mouth, let it dry.

Video: Recycle Art - How to make a Sock Puppet (June 2022).