Day of the Holy Philemon, March 8. Names for boys

Day of the Holy Philemon, March 8. Names for boys

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Philemon is a name for a boy of Greek origin that means 'friendly', 'affectionate'. Despite its infrequent use it is one of the most beautiful names for boys because its meaning is surrounded by all those virtues that maintain trust in people, such as friendship, unconditional love and hospitality. He celebrates his name day on March 8, which is the day of Saint Philemon.

Because of the meaning of his name, Philemon is guaranteed the support and affection of those around him. In addition, Philemon has a powerful attraction for being surrounded by a certain mystery that gives him an enigmatic and charismatic personality. Because Philemon is a person of awake intelligence and with a natural vocation of service to others.

The name Philemon is not very frequent outside the Greek realm. However, it is a name that due to its age continues to sound very familiar with the advantage of also having an original and different touch that will give your child a very particular character. Philemon comes to us through the ancient Greek poet who, together with Menander and Dífilo, became popular thanks to the New Comedy.

Although more popular and close is that comic character who bears the name of your son, Filemón, Mortadelo's partner, who with his detective agency has made several generations laugh since its creation in 58. And as a curiosity, We can add that Philemon is also the name of a bird that lives in Indonesia and Australia. But the true strength of your child's name is imposed by Greek mythology with a unique history of generosity and hospitality.

Philemon and his wife Baucis welcome two strangers caught by a storm into their humble home. The couple put their scarce resources at the disposal of the travelers, with the good luck that the strangers were but gods. And these, grateful for his hospitable gesture, grant the couple their greatest wish: not to suffer the death of the other. So when their time comes, the gods turn Philemon into an oak and Baucis into a linden, so that both trees look at each other for all eternity.

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