Short poems to learn number 2

Short poems to learn number 2

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On our site we suggest that you teach your child how to write the number 2 and to what amount it corresponds using these funny short poems.

Rhymes and verses are part of the child's learning from the earliest stages, and the songs they sing are nothing more than poems with music.

Through poetry children can learn things like the letters of the alphabet, parts of the body, the seasons of the year, or numbers.

The two is a duckling
who is sunbathing.

(popular song)

The two are never alone
Is the even number
That's why he never complains
Neither short nor in the ear
Now you know
One plus one
There are always two

(Star Montenegro)

Two are the eyes
they serve to see.
Two ears,
they are to listen,
with my two little hands
can i touch
and with my two feet
I dance tralará.

(Elena, Infant teacher)

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