Daddy's Best Breakfast Cookies

Daddy's Best Breakfast Cookies

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Dads are superheroes in the eyes of our children. They take care of them, play with them, share their wisdom and are capable of doing anything. That is why on occasions like their birthday or Father's Day they deserve a very special gift: some homemade cookies!

In GuiaInfantil We leave you some original ideas to make homemade cookies with children. Cooking with children is great fun, and more if we are preparing these cookies with a lot of love to give as gifts.

Chocolate, butter, with nuts ... here you will find ideas that adapt to the taste of all palates, surprise dad with a very sweet gift!

Cookies to congratulate dad. The best cookies to tell dad that he is number one. Make this recipe for kids as a Father's Day gift. Original recipes to celebrate Father's Day.

M&M cookies. M&M or Lacasitos cookie recipe for children. Our site offers us to prepare these delicious cookies with the children, a great alternative for a snack or breakfast.

Tie cookies. How to decorate a tie-shaped cookie to give on Father's Day. Decoration with fondant for children's desserts. How to decorate cookies.

Linzer cookies with jam. Celebrate Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Friendship Day or any special occasion with these heart linzer cookies We explain the step by step of an easy and colorful recipe to make with children.

Medal-shaped cookie. How to decorate a cookie in the shape of a medal to give on Father's Day. How to decorate cookies.

Glass cookies with caramel. The glass cookies offer a different and original look, you can make them in the shape of a Valentine to give as a gift, the children will find them very fun !.

Homemade cookies with margarine. Homemade and healthy cookies recipe to surprise children. Learn how to make your own homemade cookies with margarine with your children to serve at breakfast or children's snack time. Guiainfantil teaches you how to make this recipe step by step.

Bunny-shaped cookies. Vanilla Chocolate Bunny Cookie Recipe. Cookies decorated in the shape of a bunny. Easter bunny cookie recipe for kids. Easy recipes for Easter with children.

Orange and chocolate cookies. Easy recipe for orange cookies with chocolate chips. Orange and chocolate cookies to cook with children. Christmas recipe for orange and chocolate cookies. Christmas cookies for children.

Cookie pops. Cookie pops for children. Fun cookies with chocolate

Healthy quinoa and chocolate cookies. Quinoa cookies with chocolate for children. The combination of quinoa and chocolate is delicious and very tasty for children.

Nocilla cookies or nutella. Cocoa cream such as Nutella or Nocilla are very popular with children, with it you can make recipes for children as simple as these Nutella cookies.

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