The best parents in children's movies

The best parents in children's movies

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Movies for kids about parents and children


A father about to get divorced receives a strange request. Their 10-year-old daughter Maya insists on hearing the story of how her parents met. Will decides to turn it into a game by changing the names and some of the facts, thus creating a love mystery while Maya tries to find out which of the protagonists is her mother.

Nemo is a small clownfish, the only child Marlin has left, and whom he overprotects so much that Nemo ends up rebelling and fleeing the reef. While Nemo is captured, his father will cross oceans to find him.

The Flintstones are a very special family: Pedro and Vilma take care of their daughter Pebbles along with their neighbors, Pablo and Betty, who have a boy named Bam-Bam. Set in prehistoric times, this funny comedy shows us that the most important thing is that the family is together.

The skilled Gepetto makes a nice puppet in the shape of a child, thanks to the magic of the Blue Fairy it comes to life once finished. Gepetto gives him the name of Pinocchio, and accompanied by Jiminy Cricket he will embark on an adventure to become a real boy.

Indiana Jones is a famous archaeologist and adventurer with worldly fame. In this adventure, however, he will meet an unexpected companion: his father. Together they set out in search of the mythical Holy Grail, on a path that will lead them to reconcile as father and son and discover a thousand-year-old mystery.

King Harold, Shrek's father-in-law, falls ill and before dying asks him to be the new king, although he only wants to return to his swamp. Also, Fiona tells Shrek that she is pregnant. Shrek, surprised by the news, begins to have nightmares about his children, dreams of too many baby ogres, and although Ass talks to him about how good it is to be a father, Shrek decides to go out in search of adventure.

Three single friends (Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson) share an apartment in New York: Peter the architect, Michael the cartoonist, and Jack the actor. One day someone leaves a baby at your door. In a girl named Mary, and it turns out to be Jack's daughter, although Jack doesn't know anything about it. Peter and Michael must take care of the baby and realize how difficult this task can be.

Daniel is a movie dubber, he is married, he has three children and his marriage is not going well. His wife asks for a divorce and the judge dictates that the children remain in the custody of the mother. Daniel does not like the judge's decision, and taking advantage of the fact that his wife is looking for a housekeeper, he disguises himself to ask for the position as an English lady named Doubtfire.

The relationship between Goofy and his son Max is not very good, so Goofy organizes a trip to bond with Max. Goofy decides to go on a fishing excursion to Lake Destiny, while Max only worries about getting rid of his father and getting the girl of his dreams.

A family man struggles to survive after his wife leaves them. She is unsuccessful in her job and has to take care of her young son. You start looking for a new job to support your son, but it won't be easy. Despite your problems, you will never give up on the search for a better future for your little one.

A mature man, but with a young spirit, does not quite accept that his 22-year-old daughter, for him still a child, is getting married. Although everyone believes that the boyfriend is a wonderful boy, he makes him his enemy for fear of losing his daughter forever, leading to the most comical situations.

William Bloom does not get along with his father, who spends his life telling endless and impossible anecdotes about his youth. When his father falls ill, William comes to see him and realizes that reality and a great love for his wife and son hides in his father's fantasies.

Simba is a brave but crazy lion cub. His father Mufasa wants him to learn more about what it means to be king and to understand "the cycle of life" but to do so he must go his own way. An unforgettable Disney movie for parents and children.

The Incredibles are a family of superheroes, but nobody knows it, since they live in hiding. Mr. Incredible, who is now called Bob, receives a strange mission that requires his superpowers and will have to be restored by his family. Elastigirl, his wife, and their children set off to a remote island to become superheroes again.

In this comedy Adam Sandlerin plays Sonny, an immature man who spends his day between an occasional job, the bar and his friends. To surprise his girlfriend, he fraudulently adopts little Julian, a 5-year-old orphan. However, his plans do not go as expected and, in addition to being abandoned by his girlfriend, Sonny meets a child in his charge that he has to take care of ... by himself!

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