I am not your friend, I am your father!

I am not your friend, I am your father!

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I have always felt a privileged person because of the wonderful parents that I have. As a child, I did not understand how the parents of some friends of mine treated them with such authoritarianism, with such distance and coldness. My parents were parents first, but approachable, loving, understanding parents, and friends.

And so they are until today. Of course, perfection does not exist, but I believe that what is done with love always ends up bearing good results. Through the forum our site A very curious and interesting story came to me today, from a father who is proud to be a friend of his children. I reproduce it because I think it is worth reading.

I am not your friend, I am your father! Well, the truth is that I would have loved it that way. But no, when I was a child or a teenager, parents were not friends with their children, rather they were the rulers of their children's lives. I'm not talking about exchanging authoritarianism for permissiveness, we know how harmful extremes are. I say that the respect that one could feel for their parents was often related to fear or mistrust.

I have read several specialists who confirm that children who learn to lie at an early age are those who live in fear of punishment, however, for authoritarian parents these children are simple liars, and they wonder where they have learned to lie the brat, or they are amazed at how quickly the little faker learns everything bad, and that only a good beating will show them the way, perfectly fulfilling his painful role as Pilate.

Few people I knew had friendly parents, and many of those parents only pretended to be friendly and understanding when the house was invaded by other little devil friends and when they all left they returned to exercise the abusive right that private property grants them. I know very well that with what I say I am going to violate the sensitivity of many who will disagree because it will be difficult for them to recognize that there are such parents, but they exist, they still exist.

I am tired of seeing and hearing parents who fill their mouths in public talking about the love they have for their children and in private the repressive mother or father who hides behind the facade of a perfect family reappears on the scene. Remembering phrases such as "I, who have left or have done everything for you" or "you say that to your mother ..." contribute to my sad reflection. I never believed in the cliché of reflection, I think that this mediocre hypothesis was invented by the oppressive parents. It is not imperative to resemble parents and it is not true that we are condemned to receive the cruel inheritance of blood similarity. Moreover, I am determined and proud to be part of that group of parents willing to reverse the authoritarian behavior of our parents. Knowing how they are, what is wrong with them, what anguishes them, understanding them even if it takes too much effort and appreciating them as they are, is a crusade that only pretends to be like the parents I wanted to have.

Obviously, I am not and I will never be the perfect father, but knowing this from my daughters and that this does not imply slapping her or punishing her for the reproach already makes me an effective father to listen and accept that there is something that is not I'm doing fine

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